How Did Trump Get To The Brink Of Impeachment? The Ukraine Bribery Plot Explained | MSNBC

Here’s a quick, concise lead up to where we are today on the Impeachment Debacle; yes that is what it is – A FREAKIN’ DEBACLE! But it just happens that the Senate is ‘Dirty’ and the House Intel Committee is ‘clean’ and justified in pursuing the process.. 

As House Democrats ramp up impeachment probe, and gather evidence and testimony from key witnesses, MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent breaks down the full timeline of the Ukraine bribery plot. In this special report, Ari details the key dates from Congress approving the military aid, to the phone call with the Ukrainian president, to the filing of the whistleblower complaint and where the probe is headed next. Aired on 12/02/19.

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