Judiciary Hearing on Constitutional Framework for Impeachment

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Judiciary Hearing on Constitutional Framework for Impeachment

The House Judiciary Committee held a hearing with legal experts to discuss the constitutional framework for potentially drawing up articles of impeachment against President Trump.



  1. Thank you for all your continued support. But my drive and enthusiasm come from the fact that I am living like a vagabond in foreign countries because I was “chased out of my country” and will never be able to return for environmental, political and social reasons!! It is a better description that I am “dedicated” to put a face on the US that is “what it really is” and blow away their propaganda bullshit they pedal here and around the world through the State Dept., NSC and other agencies. I AM JUST PISSED THAT I AM A REFUGEE without a “home port” to report to yet.. THAT is what drives me! And that will never change regardless what they (US) do to “sell their BS” – I ain’t buyin’! 👀😳😖😠😡

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