“Rent is obscene here”: The issues forcing people in Seattle onto the street

DumbAss Doofus tells us the economy is BOOMING! That unemployment is at an all-time low, that the country is ‘better off’ than anytime in the past 70 years – YET.. 

Anderson Cooper visits a tent city in the Seattle area and hears from some of America’s more than 500,000 homeless people

With the days getting shorter and the temperatures colder, it’s sobering to think that on any given night more than half a million Americans are homeless. In the last three years, according to government reports, cities on the West Coast have seen a dramatic rise in the number of people who are “unsheltered.” That’s the term used to refer to anyone who’s homeless, but not sleeping in a shelter. They’re the people you see sleeping on streets or in parks, in tent encampments, or in vehicles. Why has the unsheltered population been going up at a time of economic expansion and low unemployment? One answer is rising rents in hot real estate markets. Take Seattle and surrounding King County, which are booming thanks to high-tech companies but now have the third highest number of homeless people in the country. The Seattle area is home to Amazon and Microsoft, but also to a homeless encampment called Tent City Three.



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