Abu Zubaydah, Tortured Guantánamo Detainee, Makes Case for Release By Scott Shane Aug. 23, 2016

ABU ZUBAYDAH – the First Gitmo prisoner ever to be waterboarded and tortured in ways that were discussed, decided upon, printed in training manuals and taught to the ‘staff’ at Gitmo on “How to properly Torture Prisoners who were Incalcitrant and Defiant to get ‘intel’ from them. He was initially identified as #1, 2, 3, or 4 at the TOP of Al Queda with no definitive evidence or witness reports on his life or activities – only hearsay by OTHER terrorists that this was so! The ENTIRE MILITARY INTELLIGENCE SERVICE, CIA and NSA Agencies have now declared that he is not – and never was – an Al Queda Chief. Bear in mind – HE IS a Muslim Radical in thought and words but – but not in deed – he is NOT the TOP ENEMY of the USA or NATO. HELL.. I would be a FLAMING RADICAL TOO it I was locked up on Gitmo for 17+ years and tortured daily for deeds and associations I never did or had!!


WASHINGTON — Over 14 years in American custody, Abu Zubaydah has come to symbolize, perhaps more than any other prisoner, how fear of terrorism after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks changed the United States.

He was the first detainee to be waterboarded, and his brutal torture was documented in a Senate report. He is among those heldwithout charges and with no likelihood of a trial. The government long ago admitted that he was never the top leader of Al Qaeda it claimed he was at the time of his capture in 2002, but it insists that he may still be dangerous.

The review panel, comparable to a civilian parole board, is composed of representatives of six security agencies who participated in the hearing from an undisclosed location in the Washington area. It will announce, a month or longer from now, whether it recommends the continued detention of Mr. Zubaydah or his transfer to another country.

Of 779 people held at Guantánamo since 2001, 61 remain. The government says about half are, like Mr. Zubaydah so far, impossible to put on trial but too dangerous to release.

Dressed in a white tunic and wearing a neatly trimmed beard, Mr. Zubaydah, whose mental stability has been questioned by some American officials, listened attentively, resting his chin on his right hand. He did not react visibly as officials read various statements about him. The eye patch that in earlier photographs covered his left eye, injured at some point after his capture, hung from a strap around his neck. He wore one pair of glasses and switched to another pair to read a document.


  1. “BIG ASS BARR” has already sent the BAR (pun intended) for the Police working OUTSIDE the prison system bringing in ‘new recruits’ into the ‘inner sanctum’ of the prison system’ as I posted yesterday!! https://youtu.be/N_3n5S5T5l4

    Get ready your world is gonna change in what seems like OVERNIGHT VERY SOON!

  2. Haven’t read your links yet but am vaguely familiar with the case and I will try to get to them asap. This is all a lead-on the DumbAss Doofus doin’ whatever the fuck he wants, he said it out loud on camera: I AM ARTICLE 2 – I CAN DO WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT SO FUCK YOU!! 👀😳😖😠😡💩💀

    Prison SHU’s are almost as bad as Gitmo ALREADY – if DumbAss Doofus gets 4 more years they will be even WORSE than Gitmo – waterboarding and all!! As it is – the Trustees in ANY prison pretty much run things not the Guards, the Guards are PAID by the Trustees AND by the State.. LOLROTF!! 😵😜

    • An Obama appointed Colorado judge gave a woman who enrolled in military to get training to help ISIS a four year sentence, which I find too little. She even got warnings from the FBI if I read correctly. She was staking out utility poles. Meanwhile, the African American college student wanted to go with her Muslim boyfriend and be a medic for ISIS and got 12 years from a Bush appointed Mississippi judge. They didn’t even go anyplace. I thought it was because the white Mississippi judge is a racist but she was mean as hell to a blue-eyed blond mother, too, who sat in prison for 96 days even though she was totally innocent of wrong-doing. She might have sat longer if she didn’t have $15,000 of bail. The father to the college student said it was his fault because due to his US military service he was absent frequently in her childhood. He is a Vicksburg Mississippi police officer and got beat up by drug dealers before this happened. The boy’s father was an Iman from Palestine. It seems clear to me who the lead dog was and she takes the blame because she loved him. Or maybe she just wanted to impress him. This case has always bothered me.

  3. Do you think that this young African American honors student was really the ring leader or took the fall because she was in love with this guy whose father was an Iman? She wanted to work as a medic in Syria – hardly sounds like a die-hard terrorist to me. She got 12 years and the real Muslim got a mere 8 years.
    Looks to me he’s doing a Trumpster style projection lie: https://www.cnn.com/2016/12/02/us/mississippi-isis-muhammad-dakhlalla-interview/index.html I really didn’t believe it at all until I recalled people like Malcolm X. However, I still believe she wasn’t the ring leader an I would be surprised if the boy’s father was is really an extremist. How can he plead ignorant when his own father is an Iman?

  4. We have sent US citizens to jail for almost that long for even thinking about joining militants in Syria. And, I mean real Americans like the middle class African American college student who fell in love with a Muslim: https://www.fox13memphis.com/news/former-mississippi-state-student-who-planned-to-join-isis-sentenced-to-12-years/421239681 US prison conditions are very bad, and would especially be so for a young middle class lady.

    Pelosi didn’t want to hold Bush accountable. I had believed that the Bush admin would eventually be held accountable, and didn’t apply for a good government job for that reason. It is often the low level people who take the fall.

    Nixon, Bush all showed that Trump would get by with what he gets by with.

    We’ve known a long time that torture is ineffective. However, any solutions as to what to do now? They let one not yet done anything – only planned – terrorist out for the day in the UK and he killed a few people.

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