Chris Hedges & Abby Martin: No Way Out Through Elections

Chris tends to be an ‘equal opportunity critic’ of all sides of all things – and I believe he is right 90% of the time. He trashes the Media which does not help things at all, he criticizes conservatives and liberals alike and pulls no punches. Check out what he has to say in this interview with Abby Martin who launched the investigative documentary and interview series The Empire Files, originally hosted by Telesur. It’s an insightful interview worth a close listen.. 

Nov 27, 2019

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Abby Martin sits down with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author Chris Hedges to discuss the ignored reality behind Trump, the bipartisan road from neoliberalism to fascism, how the Democratic elite are an institution of corporate power, and how there’s no way out through the #2020election without destroying the system.



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  2. Hedges works for Russia’s RT still – after they invaded Crimea, etc. I personally consider this treason. If you think Trump and Russia is a problem, this can’t be ok. I think it’s the 10% that will matter and a very sophisticated 10% it is – too much for my bandwidth. Dealing with him would be a full-time job. However, thanks for making me listen to this irksome pompous Preppy Ivy League Presbyterian Putin Propagandist that I swore to never listen to again, though. It’s important to know what Putin’s up to. I found it interesting that he’s criticizing Trump when he works for Putin and if Trump doesn’t work for Putin they have the same co-owner. The fact that Hedges is a (Puritan) Harvard grad is a good reminder that it was Harvard Boys that made post-Soviet Russia descend into mafia-owned disaster in the 1990s, which led to Putin’s rise. And, maybe Harvard owns Trump and Putin both, along with Hedges. (Puritans and Presbyterians are Calvinists).

    I guess the biggest thing that I learned is that I had better vote after all, even though I had planned not to, since Putin’s propagandists are suggesting that we shouldn’t vote. Even though I think Pence is worse, since Putin agrees, maybe Pence isn’t so bad as I believe.

    It’s the second half where Hedges really sounds like he’s describing Putin instead of the US with the Christian fascism. Putin’s doing the same thing with the Russian Orthodox Church that Hitler did with the German State Church. America’s religious right is different and some of it more dangerous, in its own way – meaning they want the second coming (and maybe to hasten it), whereas the fascist church described by Hedges and operated by Putin is more about a stable long term authoritarian state – Reich. I think that the most dangerous American Christians are Calvinists, which is what Trump and Hedges are too. They think that everything good and bad is predestined and foreordained and God’s will. Max Weber – a better sociologist than Durkheim – discusses Calvinism (though neither were really sociologists).

    Hedges works for Russia RT which means he is essentially funded by the very global warming he criticizes. Thus, his last statements take the cake for hypocrisy. Russia’s finances are dependent upon oil, and the Soviet Union and Russia oil production together are the most responsible for global warming, as I recall a recent study saying. I need to look for that paper. Thus, Trump may well have been pushed forth by Putin to protect the oil industry.

    I feel like Hedge’s call to protest and revolt is a call to let Trump et al. know who the opposition is, so that they can round them up and put them in jail or shoot them down.

    Apart from RT, I don’t trust him because he got an English degree from Colgate college, which now costs almost $70,000 per year, a theology degree from equally pricey Harvard, and he’s a Presbyterian preacher and his father was too. He seems New England elite and I suspect money from Benson and Hedges (or oil). His family names are all preppy sounding – like Havard. He even dresses like a preppy in that hideous gold tweed jacket.

    His New Age sounding theology that there is good and bad in everyone so no one’s really that bad is actually rooted in Calvinist BS that we are all really sinners and so don’t have the right to criticize evil. But, there are different degrees of sin. And, evil does exist. Bemoaning their sinful nature is maybe why many Calvinists are so sour puss.

    Anyone who pays that sort of money for liberal arts degrees is either filthy rich or not right in the head, in my opinion. Even with student aid the price is high. Of course, maybe he had to go to the war zones to pay off his student debt. But, everything about him looks like the old Calvinist New England elites – names, looks, attire, arrogance.

    A large part of the missing 10% is that there are many imperialist powers, unfortunately. In a more distant example, I would have left the western US to the American Indians. However, Mexico or the French or Spain or the UK or even Russia would have taken it. Now we have China, for instance, in Africa and Latin America, as well as Russia. And, so many European powers. Many of the foreign companies are state owned and back by foreign militaries. Then there is India who actually has the largest or one of the largest militaries as far as man-power goes, and who land-grabs in Africa. And, let’s not forget Japan and its imperialism.

    It’s nice to imagine that Chavez was a great guy. But, if he was so great why did he continue to give Haiti’s macoute President Martelly discount/low interest oil, when he had to know they were stealing the money (and they did). Likely it’s because they were running drugs together, if you look at the map. So, not a real fan of Telesur anymore, either.

    So, I guess that choosing the lesser of two evils is actually the state of the world. There is bad and there is worse. Theology matters.

    • Hedges actually wrote at least one of the articles for the New York Times that justified the War in Iraq. I have to study this article more. I was opposed to the war, but it’s not clear if Chris Hedges was really opposed if he wrote one of the articles claiming that Iraq had WMDs. I didn’t believe the WMD because Saddam was secular and I didn’t think he wanted to self-destruct like the Islamic extremists. On the surface sounds like Hedges is a big fraud (or useful idiot). But, of course, that can happen if you need to pay back hundreds of thousands of $ in student loans (in today’s dollars).
      See Chris Hedges involvement.
      Heroes in Error
      How a fake general, a pliant media, and a master manipulator helped lead the United States into war”., By JACK FAIRWEATHER

      • OUCH.. I think I struck a nerve on that post, LOL 😊 But again – it’s a learning opportunity for me with all your back-grounding, OpEd themes, and ‘prepy’ commentary about Chris himself – good stuff, I got a real kick out of reading it.. lolrotf. Now if I could just ‘stimulate’ ALL my readers like that I’d have triple-digit followers instead of double-digit.. 👀😳😊😎 I never knew half of what you explained about Chris but I did know that he spoke the same way on all the same things – unchanging, unapologetic and consistent while he went after everybody – spare none. LOL

        • I can’t thank you enough for making me watch this! Hedges is the key to unlocking a lot of things that will tell us what is really going on. He wrote one of the main articles that sent us into the Iraq War and he’s not even (currently) apologetic for his own role. If you wrote an article that sent us to the Iraq War wouldn’t you say you are sorry each time the topic came up? I think I would be too ashamed to even utter the word Iraq ever again. I think I would go into hiding or change my name. When I write about Hedges it will be more clear what I mean. I don’t talk about Iraq because I did my best to stop it and concluded that no one wanted to know the truth about anything anyway. Of course, it’s not like I’m anyone, anyway. I even worked like a dog in support of Gore, because I saw the war coming under Bush. I petitioned in every way I could think to stop the wars. He claims he wrote NYT articles opposing the war and then quit, but he had already written articles that provided the justification of the wars. I haven’t gotten to dig up the so-called anti-war articles yet, but read enough of his NYT article to see why it would send us to war. The info he wrote meant we had to go to war! Also read one of his Salvador articles, where he certainly did NOT take the side of the poor peasants, though he did discuss them at the end of the article. I would say that his article was balanced, but balanced in El Salvador of the 80s was picking sides against the poor. Now with hindsight it is even more complicated, because the US had legitimate concerns in the region, and yet we know all about Iran Contra, etc. It’s the working for RT, opposing Russiagate, speaking up for Iran, which makes all of this something more.

          Don’t get me wrong, I understand why you liked it. That’s why it is so alarming. He is so good at it. I had it out with someone else over him who thinks that Hedges is god, the father and the son. Robert DeNiro is a similar case. He calls Trump names but he is business partners with the family that brought Trump to Moscow for Miss Universe. The DeNiro case is more sad for me, because I love DeNiro as much as I innately detest Hedges.

          It’s actually the pin striped shirt that makes him a preppy and the clashing khaki pants, as well as the horrific jacket. And, his background. Very few look good in that jacket color (though a lot of people like it). Maybe someone with dark red hair, copper eyes, and freckles. It gives him yellow clothes, yellow eyes, yellow hair and yellow skin. There are rich, nice, preppy kids – at least I knew a couple of them. One went to Harvard and with plenty of money is doing interesting things.

          The truth seems far less profound than I thought. The only part Calvinism likely plays is that he worked in a war zone. True Calvinists think you don’t die until your time has come. I don’t think you would find a non-Calvinist willingly hanging out in a war zone like Hedges. I hate Calvinists because they said it’s God’s will when our babies died. God might not give you children, but to kill babies is an evil god. Besides which I know a bit about Calvin’s Geneva, and Weber’s “Protestant Ethic”. Trump matches up with Weber’s discussion of Calvinism where they see money as proof that they are the chosen ones who will go to heaven. My father was a theologian and ethnicist, among other things. I see strong parallels between Calvinism, Hindu Brahminism, some strains of Judaism (and some strains of Islam) – all believe they are chosen peoples and have the right to oppress and run over the non-chosen. Theology does matter and it’s better not to go to church than listen to the wrong preacher. The same thing goes with experts. When I practiced what Herbert Spencer called “mental hygiene” and didn’t watch TV (or go to church) but looked at encylopedias, history, in conjuction with real people, I was amazingly right on a lot of things – more than now.

          I’m told that anonymous viewers don’t show so you probably have more viewers. Thanks for your tolerance. Most would delete my comment and cut me off (long ago).

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