Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi Rebuke Criticisms In Public Confrontations | MTP Daily | MSNBC

“Ole Joe” says let’s go out in the schoolyard and do push-ups – let’s settle this JACK! Done’t accuse me of this SHIT!.. “FancyDancer” Nancy said ‘don’t you ever accuse me of HATE – I hate NO ONE. How dare you.. ya gotta see this video! 

The panel discusses a couple heated moments from the day, involving Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi. Aired on 12/5/19.



  1. Biden – “what chances” he never had a chance anyway he was just an opportunist “in the fuckin’ way” gummin’ up the works and helping to eliminate the chaff – the rest of the dummy’s – I called it for Mayor Pete a long time ago although I was wrong on Tulsi – but only because the ‘powers that be’ didn’t want a female they wanted a young Male Vet they could own and manipulate who was totally NAIVE and IGNORANT – hence Mayor Pete! The best insurance MAYOR PETE HAS is to choose Tulsi as his VPOTUS.. as a team they may survive what is surely coming with Mayor Pete’s win!! His gayness doesn’t bother me one bit but that will be his rocking horse throughout – he is REALLY EXPOSED with NO LEG TO STAND ON.. they will have total control over his every move at all times.

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