Watch live: Police update on shooting at Naval Air Station Pensacola



Early reports are saying a Saudi person was involved in this mass shooting disaster that just took place at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, FL. It’s early in the investigation but it is CLEAR that a Saudi individual was involved at some level in some manner according to FBI and Pensacola Florida Sheriffs Office who were the first responder to eliminate the ‘active shooter’! The active shooter has been neutralized at this time and initial ID indicates that they were in fact of Saudi descent. It is rumored that the ‘active shooter’ was employed by an international contractor hired by the base. More as this case is pursued ..Β 

Streamed live 58 minutes ago

At least three people were killed and multiple others were injured after a shooting at a naval base in Pensacola, Florida.


  1. Hibernate.. LOL πŸ‘€πŸ˜³πŸ˜Š Me I’m gonna circle the wagons and ‘dig in’ and wait for the NEXT phase wich I guarantee you “soon come Mon, soon come”.. de bumbleclods they gatherin’ and Babylon awaits..

    • I see what you mean – it never completely loads for reblogging. The only thing that works for sure is when I PressThis and draw up a completely new post and all the work that entails.. don’t always have time for that. And about this Saudi Pilot trainee shootin’ up the place – I’m REAL curious WHO his targets were because this looks a lot to me like a PsyOp False Flag exercise. He had to hide the pistol somewhere before it went down and the hiding place had to be close proximity to the targets – that the FBI will NOT RELEASE the names of??? This had to be sanctioned IMO at a high level.. almost like it was a “probe” for a future larger operation. STAY FOCUSED – the shit could really hit the FAN!

      • Thanks! I value your imput, especially because of your military experience. Isn’t it to be expected with impeachment? The Saudis are his buddies. I’m not sure what focus is going to do for me. Pray? I’m happy I don’t have to fly but know people who do have to fly or think they do. I avoid crowds. Where were the base police? I don’t know if you noticed that the one at Pearl Harbor was watching a nuclear sub. He had anger management issues, they said. Just looking at Chris Hedges’ bio suggests to me that the US was entrapped to enter Iraq the second time- maybe by Iran though Putin was already in power. The lobbying firm was Manafort’s old firm. Russia likely wanted vengeance over Afghanistan. Of course there was Cheney in there, too. If any of them (journalists or whoever) had read an article about the middle east they would have known better than to think that Saddam was linked to Islamists. Since Chris Hedges is an English major I presume he can read, though I had one Presbyterian complain to me for making students read. It was an Iranian linked Shi’a who fed Chris Hedges the info and he knew the guy was Shi’a and hated Saddam (who was secular and Sunni). It was the first Gulf War which made me understand the world better. The US sent in volunteers (albeit many because they were in desperate economic straits.) France sent in young draftees to fight Saddam and the French defense industry was still selling weapons to Saddam and the French gov had to threaten them to stop. Osama said ca 1990 or 91 if the US would remove troops from Mecca-Medina (I forget which) that he would leave us alone. I thought that sounded like a good deal. We stay home and they stay home. This came on short-wave radio in Arabic but someone translated it for me. The county sheriff there in Pensacola (Escambia? county) has 320 deputies, but some counties only have a handful. I THINK I WILL HIBERNATE. 🐻

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