Bolivia and Brazil at the Crossroads Evo Morales is in Mexico vowing to fight the coup against him in Bolivia.

I’m still trying to learn the history of Bolivia – a country in S.A. that is not much in the news and ill-covered by the Mainstream News, or alternative News Media for THAT matter.. so I’m starting here at a news outlet I have learned to trust when it comes to S.A.

November 13 2019, 11:01 a.m.

EVO MORALES IS in Mexico vowing to fight the coup against him in Bolivia. This week on Intercepted: As right-wing forces attack Indigenous Bolivians and allies of Morales, the Trump administration says the toppling of the democratically elected government “preserves democracy.” Anthropologist and Bolivia scholar Bret Gustafson offers a nuanced analysis of how the coup unfolded, who benefits from the crisis, and what is at stake for the overwhelmingly Indigenous population.

Brazil’s former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is now free after spending a year and a half behind bars. He says he wants to run for president and fight the far-right regime of Jair Bolsonaro. The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald talks about his recent conversation with Lula, the threats against Intercept journalists in Brazil, and the latest on the corruption investigation into Justice Minister Sergio Moro.


  1. LOLROTF.. agreed for sure.. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.. Then there is Nixon’s boyfriend or friend boy Bebe Ribozo (sp?) who may have been a mobster and may be who was behind his Latin American policies. For sure I think it was Bebe who made him give “minority” status meant for African Americans to “hispanics”. 👀😳😊

  2. You are so full of research and history that I NEED TO READ .. thank you. I do know from personal observation that the only thing guarding against theft of Peruvian Megalithic ruin artifacts are the “local people” that Peru pays them to guard with NO GUIDELINES! They restrict tourists from the most important areas with ropes and limited access just to SEE.. then at night they (the locals) steal the artifacts to be dealt on the international market later – INCLUDING THE MUSEUMS AND EVEN IN THE Qorikancha IN DOWNTOWN CUSCO!!! They have removed the elongated skulls from the displays; the indigenous weavings of cloth and clothing; and they no longer allow cameras or cell phones inside the domain; and they are slowly hiding the “history” away in the basements of the Museums onsite from the World. If they catch you using your cell to take photos they will “detain” you and interrogate you as to your reason to disobey and disrespect their orders! When I first visited 8 years ago none of this was happening, this is ALL recent. You have already missed much of the history of Peru, Bolivia and the Lake Titicaca area.. sorry to say! They have even began to do the same thing to Machu Picchu, Pisaq, Puma Punco, Tiujanaco, Sacsyhuaman, Olantaytambu and the entire Sacred Valley in Cusco, Peru. See what our ancient humans from 130K to 200k years ago left us or lose the history altogether. It is amazing!

  3. You will find this interview interesting. This guy’s a career diplomat but gives some really interesting details and insights, including US Steel’s mines in Bolivia back when. The parts on Bolivia start on p. 54:,%20Ernest%20V.toc.pdf It seems like Kissinger finally objected to some of the Operation Condor assassinations (based on some released documents if I read correctly) and it sounded like Amb Siracusa was a “bad guy” in that context (refused to give the word to the gov), but he doesn’t even have a wikipedia article. The wikipedia article on Bolivia talked about all of the silver that Spain mined there in the 1500s. That reminded me that Spain’s import of silver from Latin America caused inflation that gradually worked its way north and caused great economic hardship in Europe at the time.

    Amb Siracusa is some sort of Spanish but I don’t know what kind or if he is connected to the elites. He was born in California, so who knows? His family could have lived in the USA for 100s of years. He is very biased toward Uruguay which he describes as very democratic with a mostly European and mostly Italian population after having killed most of the indigenous. This was in the period when they are criticized for human rights violations, which he found unfair. He describes Bolivia as mostly uneducated and illiterate indigenous (and oppressed). He’s a big fan of Peron (Peru discussed before p. 54).

    My (limited) experience is that the indigenous of Latin America are good and honest people, often in stark contrast to the other groups there. If it were me, I would read short article (encyclopaedia) and learn a bit of the language and just see the people and how they live and talk to them, if possible. I would guess, too, that as with all poor people there are dishonest ones through desperation.

    If you read what I wrote about Peru (do search for Peru) you see how tragic the situation is for the indigenous. Neither church nor state will help them and leave them dependent upon pittance from mining companies. A lot of that I translated from local newspapers.

    I thought that US Steel had been sold to Arcelor Mittel (India) but I can’t tell who owns it now. The owner of Arcelor Mittel thinks he was reincarnated to be rich. Who can compete with that?

    If you look at history of the world going back almost forever, the indigenous tended to run and hide in the mountains away from invaders. This was true in Latin America, as well as Europe. Thus, the indigenous of Britain went to the mountains to hide from the Romans and later from the Anglo-Saxons. Then, however, when the resources of the mountains are wanted, there is no place else to run. In Latin America they could hide in forests, too.

    The history of the world is very sad and one of invasions and abuse (rape, pillage, enslave). This is even evident in DNA.

    Back in the day, I enjoyed reading William Appelman Williams “The Tragedy of American Diplomacy” and thought the coup against Allende was one of the biggest tragedies ever. However, I didn’t understand that Russia was really operating outside of the USSR. I don’t know why, considering they killed Trotsky in Mexico.
    Now I would probably have to lean in the opposite direction simply because we certainly wouldn’t want the USSR at our southern border. Even when I fancied myself a socialist, I was never a Stalinist. It was more of a cooperative socialism, that actually exists sometimes still in rural America (rural cooperatives) and worker cooperatives. Allende wasn’t considered a Stalinist, though a Marxist, and I don’t recall what is now known about him. The US Communist Party always claimed it didn’t take money from Moscow, but now we know they did. One former member of the CPUSA (Colin Cavell) is now an expert on RT as well as on Iranian news. He’s supposed to be from Louisiana but his accent seems rather exaggerated for Louisiana. I did a pedigree on him a few years ago and he had Latin American or Spanish roots and is probably Cavelli. I don’t know if he’s a true believer or a foreign agent. Cavell is smart but hard to follow his accent. I suspect that Chris Hedges is a more sophisticated variant.

    There is a compelling argument that the USSR was our creation, however. After the Russian Revolution, the British oil industry was kicked out and our oil industry (e.g. Koch father) helped them; Ford gave them cars; US gave them hydroelectric dam, etc.

    Then there is Nixon’s boyfriend or friend boy Bebe Ribozo (sp?) who may have been a mobster and may be who was behind his Latin American policies. For sure I think it was Bebe who made him give “minority” status meant for African Americans to “hispanics”.

  4. I will try to be on the lookout for good stuff. I like the music too. It’s the most indigenous country in Latin America or one of them, if I recall correctly. Evo Morales is from a group which was made subservient to the Incas (Inca Empire). Che was killed in Bolivia. Che who was an Irish-Basque Argentinian. Argentina is known as the country who killed the most indigenous (and took the most Nazis). You can buy little St. Che Catholic icons. I had a good friend in school who was from the same indigenous group as Morales – can’t recall if he was from Bolivia or Peru, as the indigenous don’t follow the border. The question to me is if indigenous rights overrule that of non-indigenous. And, if the indigenous still like him or not. Apparently according to non-indigenous law it is not a coup, but if the majority is indigenous and he is indigenous then morally it seems a coup. He was the head of the Coca growers association. They (indigenous) took the habit of chewing on coca leaves to endure the work imposed upon them (once again if I recall correctly). Actually I think it was first under the Incan Empire. It is worth looking at MiningWatch Canada on this. I think he was actually promoting a mine and then backed off due to protest. Actually I posted that topic or link – it was a German mining company. But, of course, it’s all the US’ fault – just ask everyone. The EU’s happy to say it; Russia’s happy to say it. Germany’s never done anything bad. Right? Pure coincidence that its colonies are the most f*cked up (e.g. Namibia and its uranium mines). Never mind the Holocaust. Never mind that they were shaking down Haiti is one reason why we invaded 100 years ago. Never mind that they are major landowners in Guatemala. Never mind that Arbentz was Swiss German importing weapons from East Germany and married to a Salvadorean German whose family killed and oppressed the indigenous there who were led by Jose Marti. Never mind that the United Fruit land that he expropriated (while sparing the German coffee farmers) belonged to a Jewish-American migrant (probably from Russia) who came to the US in his teens and built his empire selling quasi-rotten bananas. Never mind that so many German migrants were brought in to steal indigenous lands after the Civil War that it’s the most commonly proclaimed “white” ethnicity in the USA. Never mind that the Germans were helped to settle by Catholic and Lutheran charities while African Americans were left landless. Canada’s never done anything bad, even though most mining companies are there because they have weak standards of proof and their whole economy (and academia) is rooted in mining and oil and gas. China’s never done anything bad even though they have mining companies all over the world, including a huge one in indigenous lands in Latin America (Ecuador?). Oh, and the French are saints, even though there is Areva (Orano) and Areva’s uranium mines in Africa (and the USA). And, we know that Russia’s all about love and brotherhood – that is, of course, why we are alarmed at Russiagate? Russia is the biggest exporter of nuclear crap and one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world but they are the “good guys”, especially in Latin America. Now with hindsight we can see that Ortega was bad, too – especially to indigenous and women. However, the Salvadorean rebels were on the side of the poor indigenous. Only the US has ever done anything bad, of course, even though bad existed prior to our existence and we were created as a colonial settler state, and continue to be one. The Spanish conquistadors predated our existance, and there were German miners in Latin America from the beginning. Many or most of the “Americans” making mischief in Latin America have been new migrants, as I’ve documented. US mining law allows foreign companies to come take our gold and non-oil and gas resources without even paying severance (see 1878 mining law). Haiti’s mining law was one of the most progressive in the world, so NGOs aimed to rectify it. If a poor country had our mining law everyone would be having a fit. But, somehow it’s ok that the US is destroyed and exploited by foreigners and never mind it is indigenous land. Where it is unfathomably complicated is that while the US, under people like Kissinger (who I do not consider American) were doing bad things, it doesn’t change that we should have been legitimately concerned about Russia in the western hemisphere. Bad people have leveraged a legitimate worry to do bad things. And, I really don’t see the solution until we break up all large countries so that they can’t wage war apart from hand to hand combat. Then, of course, there is what is America? People migrate to the US to do bad things and then the US gets blamed. The biggest modern-day crooks in the Americas seem to be the ones spat out of the old Ottoman Empire.

    Well, actually, the best solution is to send all non-indigenous in the Americans and elsewhere back home. Those who might have some indigenous blood can maybe take a DNA test. Of course, there will be cheating to stay. I don’t buy the reservation status deal, because a lot of American Indians were denied reservation status. And, some with reservation status are 98% white.

    Americans are the only people who constantly self-flagellate – I guess it’s that religious introspection thing- and everyone else is happy to beat up on us, too. Or maybe it’s simply being ego-centric. US as the center of all evil is the flip side of US is the center of all good. I wasted a lot of good money through the years – when I couldn’t even afford healthy food- buying alternative media that I now see was likely Russian or other foreign propaganda. That really pisses me off. Now it’s much easier to seek the truth and balance.

    • Once again, thanks for your generous insight.. I will be referring back to this commentary over the next years as my current knowledge catches up with my extreme lack of historical knowledge. I especially liked your “never minds”.. that was fat! lol I haven’t ventured out to discuss Morales with many S.A.s because I don’t even know where to start – when I ask a question the answer usually includes someone else in history I don’t know either so it’s embarrassing – but I’ll get there. I arrived late to the wake.. but I have a serious personal interest too.. again, thanks for sharing!

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