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Fast Radio Bursts and Gamma Ray Bursts from places in the Universe where there is NOTHING when they look with telescopes are explained here. Plasmoids – the things in the center of Galaxies they call Black Holes explain how extreme energies escaping via ‘beams’ firing out of the poles of Galaxies are so huge and powerful – ELECTRIC UNIVERSE!  Watch this entertaining and educational video to learn more.. there is NO BIG BANG, NO BLACK HOLES, NO NEUTRON STARS, NO DARK ENERGY AND NO DARK MATTER – THERE IS ONLY ELECTRICITY IN OUR PLASMA UNIVERSE.

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Nov 29, 2019

In part two of our discussion with physicist Wal Thornhill, we continue to explore the ongoing “crisis in cosmology.” We ask Wal for his thoughts on a number of recent discoveries which stunningly affirm a core tenet of the electric cosmology – no “islands” exist in a Universe where the predominant organizational force is electromagnetism.

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