State Department Staffer Used Embellished Resume, Fake Time Magazine Cover | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

These guys are just FULL OF SHIT! They say and do whatever ‘sounds or looks’ right at the time. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS SHIT?  Lying on a professional resume when I was in the market was a career-ending dumbass thing to do.. Watch this video – this is the REAL WORLD TODAY!!!!! WTF? WTF! WHAT THE FUCK??.. WOW.. HEY DON’T BE LATE FOR THE PARTY – MEN AND WOMEN ALIKE.. YOUR JOB, YOUR HOUSE, YOUR FUTURE IS “FOR SALE” FOR THE HIGHEST BIDDER!! She was even going to be scheduled – based upon this FAKE resume – to be vetted by the Senate Confirmation Process… HUH, huh, huh??

A senior Trump administration official has embellished her résumé with misleading claims about her professional background — even creating a fake Time magazine cover with her face on it — raising questions about her qualifications to hold a top position at the State Department. Mina Chang, the deputy assistant secretary in the State Department’s Bureau of Conflict and Stability Operations, falsely claims to be a Harvard grad, and exaggerated the scope of her nonprofit’s work. Aired on 11/12/19.


  1. America has become manifest in the adage “crabs in a bucket”. You never have to put a lid on your crab bucket because none of them will let the other climb over the top. And the one thing that always bothered me about Genesis is, if Adam and Eve had 3 sons where did the land of Nod and all the people there – where Cain found his wife come from? I’ve never had a good answer for that yet? I have others but that one is the ‘red herring’ for me!

  2. Asian-Indians made it mainstream – and apparently East Asians, too. Now it’s well known for the H-1B visas in the tech community. The first and only person I met who admitted to faking their resume experience was a totally unqualified Asian-Indian, who was also pretending to be black African and it worked for them. Only much later, because of the internet, did I learn they were Asian Indian. They got funding and we Americans who were very qualified didn’t. Black Africans said that the person wasn’t black but everyone ignored them, and literally sent the Africans packing. There wasn’t a lot I could do, either. Americans are totally naive suckers. That’s the thing, immigrants can make up whatever they want and they do. Americans can’t run for office anymore, either, because all of their ex girlfriends or boyfriends will come and complain against them or people they didn’t want to date will make up stuff for vengeance. If an American had a pimple when they were a teen it’s public knowledge. These immigrants come in with a clean slate. I wonder if this person is Taiwanese – they are apparently good at spinning their qualifications to fit. This is what no one wants to face up to and the real reason for historic “xenophobia”. Most peoples have practiced banishment and there was always often legitimate fears of foreigners, because you don’t know who they really are. There are several new judges from India and I had trouble finding out if they were born in the USA or not. If their parents aren’t dead and don’t have a detailed obituary you don’t know anything about them. All Asians are difficult to research because even if they don’t change their names, all of the names are commonplace. That’s another thing that migrants have done for a very long time – change their names to change their ethnicity. John Kerry’s Kerry ancestors were Austrian Jews who chose the name Kerry to sound Irish and people still think that Kerry is Irish on his father’s side. A Salvadorean once told me that there were elephants in El Salvador (outside zoos) just to see what he could get by with. The elephants in El Salvador pretty much sums it up. At one point the continents were connected but it was pre-elephants.

    • This says that she is Korean – but we don’t really know do we, since she lied about the other stuff: And, on the Salvadorean lies. I forget who told the elephant story, but another true story is a man who was being paid by the government for language learning. He was absent from class, a lot. So, another student sees his wife and says too bad he’s sick. The wife says he’s not sick, he’s in school. It turns out that he had five girlfriends and told his wife he was at school and the school that he was sick and all at taxpayer’s expense. An industriously noisy (and nice) Latina found out the truth. This sort of thing seemed far more commonplace for Salvadoreans than any group I’ve known of. So, don’t think for a second that they are hapless angels. They are the offspring of Spanish Conquestidors, Italians, etc. This wasn’t as bad as someone whose Ecuadorian brother-in-law had 13 girlfriends.

    • Americans ARE the biggest Suckers on the planet. Tell them anything impressive and explain how you can help them and they will follow you right over the cliff.. LOL Egad! Thanks for the historical OpEd too.. the quickest way to end your career when I was in the market was to embellish even just a little – much less CLAIMING TO BE ON THE COVER OF TIME!! WTF?

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