NuScale Nuclear Reactors Appear More At Risk For Reactor Pressure Vessel Embrittlement/Failure; NuScale Calls US NRC Standards Too “Conservative” & Wants To Weaken Them; Comment By Thursday Night (11.59 PM ET)

THESE REACTORS ARE A SCAM – PLAIN AND SIMPLE! IT IS UP TO YOU – THE PEOPLE – TO SEE IT FOR WHAT IT IS AND “DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!” – OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES. We all grow weary from the constant affronts to our health, essential resources, health care, jobs, lame politicians we elect to do one thing then they do WHAT THEY WANT! But you have to understand – that is AMERIKA – the one YOU CHOSE, with Russia’s help, at the ballot box in 2016 and now must endure. But the Nuclear Crime Syndicate, if left on its own will kill each and everyone of you one way or another – STAY FOCUSED – they are you prime, clear and present danger going forward.. I chose to leave and have a healthy, safe and rewarding life elsewhere so it is no longer my problem. But it IS AND REMAINS your primary concern day-in-and-day-out. Happy Holidays to ALL.. 😳😖😫😵😜

Posted by  — December 18, 2019

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ID: NRC-2019-0180-0003

NuScale nuclear claims that the old rules for calculating embrittlement of nuclear reactor pressure vessels are outdated and they want to replace them with new rules. They say that the old rules are too conservative, and they want to relax the rules. However, the original rules were based on basic science. Furthermore, NuScale reactor pressure vessels are apparently more at risk than regular nuclear reactors for sudden catastrophic pressure vessel failure, and thus catastrophic nuclear disaster.

According to a study commissioned by the US DOE, NuScale, and similar designs, have thinner nuclear reactor pressure vessel shells, but “significant radiation damage occurs through a greater fraction of wall thickness“. Thus, they suffer from more embrittlement and therefore would be more subject to sudden through wall cracking and pressure vessel failure.

And, yet, Thomas A. Bergman, on behalf of NuScale Power, LLC “requests that the NRC amend 10 CFR part 50 to alleviate a requirement for calculating the embrittlement for advanced reactor designs and add the embrittlement trend curve formula for calculating the mean value of the transition temperature shift described in American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) E900-15…” The earlier examples are of differing designs from NuScale. A mean value is the arithmetic average and doesn’t take into consideration scatter. If you add Bill Gates’ wealth with your own, and divide by two, it probably doesn’t reflect your wealth. That’s an arithmetic average. In many cases we want the median average – half above and half below. However, when it comes to nuclear disaster, we want the value which is the most safe and conservative. The safest, of course, is no more nuclear reactors. They are unnecessary and the risks are too high.

Shippingport was a PWR (Pressurized light water reactor) with around the same output as NuScale and had a reactor pressure vessel thickness of over 8 inches — roughly twice as thick as the figure we found for NuScale. It only ran for 25 years, meaning that less embrittlement would occur.

NuScale Nuclear Reactors Appear More At Risk For Reactor Pressure Vessel Embrittlement/Failure; NuScale Calls US NRC Standards Too “Conservative” & Wants To Weaken Them; Comment By Thursday Night (11.59 PM ET)


  1. I was thinking more about Africa. However, Russia seems to remain popular in Latin America and Russia provides BOO: Build, Own Operate. Plus they provide financing. Look at Hungary and Turkey, too. The point is control of the countries, and probably providing Rosatom jobs. Besides if you have corrupt pols you don’t need money. Remember the Gupta bros of India who went to make a fortune in South Africa with the fall of Apartheid? They ran off with a lot of South Africa’s money and left it seriously in debt. They are hiding out in one of the Gulf States. I think they are connected to Holtec through Tequesta but haven’t find my final definitive connection – name and timeline fit. Holtec is in S. Africa.

    I’m glad that the one near Uruguay may shut down. Argentina has a lot of Italians and Italy shut theirs down. However, Italy is doing R&D for NuScale. Fluor owns much of NuScale. And, which reminds me, wasn’t it an Italian-American connected to Fluor who arranged for Germany to bring its waste to SC to be processed by Fluor? He left US gov to a big-shot position with Fluor, after selling out the country. Russia gave cheap oil to Cuba in exchange for fidelity by Fidel. Chavez did something similar which sounded good and kind but allowed corrupt Haitian pols to run off with money and further bankrupt Haiti and Venezuela.

    Fluor is very involved in oil and gas industry so NuScale will probably be deployed for this. I think that Fluor is in Sakhalin. There is a small NPS in Russia for mining or oil and gas. Their floating reactors have that alleged purpose.

    I have wanted to write about the nuclear industry having it in for holy sites. I have found multiple US nuclear sites on or near American Indian burial or ceremonial mounds. Most of the UK nuclear sites are on church sites, which were on pagan sites. Water is holy. For the burial mounds it allows the NPS to be raised up above the flood plains. Europe has burial and ceremonial mounds, too. I’m not sure if they are being used for that or not. I think the reason they put the NPS on holy sites in the UK is maybe because they were govt owned.

    If money was ever an issue then there wouldn’t be any nuclear power stations since forever. There were major fights between states about who to pay for the overcost NPSs and they continue.

    At one point I was more focused on Latin America. However, in recent decades I follow Africa more. And, now’s a good time to say that when I see S.A. I think you mean South Africa. Now I know you mean South America but still always think South Africa for 30 seconds. Back in the day I never saw either called S.A. … only in recent times. The terms I knew were Latin America, MesoAmerica, South America, and the countries themselves. I guess it’s a similar problem of if LA means the state or the town.

    Oh, and yes, China is everywhere, I think. However, they go about quietly so that no one notices. I tried to ignore Russia but from when I covered Greenpeace’s arrest by Russia they (Russ gov) were snooping around in the blog. The more I looked at Russ, the more I didn’t like their behavior vis a vis the environment, etc.

    I think China makes some effort to try to improve their environment, unlike Russia. They are a big problem, though, as far as taking natural resources, and by size and economic might. China was willing to patent a water purification process refused by Fukushima. I think India may be the biggest menace, especially to the English speaking world. They have a huge military, as far as manpower goes, too.

    BTW, Epoch Times is reportedly connected to some Falun Gong association that apparently wants to overthrow the Chinese gov. The head guy’s name is Adler. Epoch Times seems to support Trump. Go figure… Jewish guy trying to overthrow China? Hong Kong riots? Opium trade or other illicit activity? I think Gupta’s Tequesta was registered in Hong Kong.

    All of this has interrupted my planned hibernation and I guess your time at the beach.

    • In SFO I was an avid reader of Epoch Times – mostly because I believed, wrongly, that it was an ‘inside source’ to what is going on in China.. lol. But I can confirm they are definitely highly influenced by Falun Gong if not owned and run completely by them – they DO NOT LIKE XI!

      About southern hemisphere – particularly South America – you will not see any new Nukes being proposed much less constructed down here in ANY of the S.A. countries. They all learned from Panama and Brasil and their horrible accidents. WE are totally anti-nuke down here….

      southern hemisphere nuke accidents

      Brazil – Goiania, Brazil

      Panama City
      Instituto Oncológico Nacional

      The community down here especially in Uruguay is on top of their game when it comes to International news, current events global and especially NUKES. Russia may sell a few in Africa but they are not welcome here when it comes to NUKES.

      And I KNOW I have no love whatsoever for India (although I really like the food) especially because they run their Nukes with untrained technicians, sloppy performance and maintenance, dangerous operations thresholds and they freely contaminate the air, ground and water.. they all need to be rounded up and SHOT in a LINE-UP!!

      I don’t have the links handy but there are many links showing in both photos and video the “UGLINESS” of extreme, multi-sievert radiation exposure – organs are melting through the skin and every orifice of the body – yeah – it’s that ugly. They can only survive for hours in specially constructed net hammocks and if they can find a vein a direct line of Morphine with the tap wide open because they can’t absorb it enough of it.

      • Thanks. I still won’t be surprised if they take one of their SMR to a mining or oil and gas site in the mountains or something and not even tell anyone … anywhere that Fluor works one of those NuScale things will show up, I predict. And, Fluor is in a lot of places, as I recall. As far as I can tell (in former research) Fluor really counts as an “American” company so everyone who loves to complain about American companies can legitimately do so … unlike Holtec. India SMRs will be Holtec. NuScale was a USG design that they dropped and the engineers bought it and then Fluor and taxpayers are still funding it. The thing about India is the caste system AND I think when they were few in the country they acted mild and meek and when they got a certain level of power their true upper caste arrogant self sometimes emerges… I have certainly seen that with Holtec’s Kris Singh. They smile and are happy as long as they get what they want and if they get what they want then why not be happy? I think we should have only let the untouchables in the country and more than culture I think the problem is sheer numbers. And, choice needs to be made. I think we should only allow the persecuted in that we in some way “owe”. We owe India nothing. But, we owe first to those who are in the USA, especially those persecuted within the USA. I had thought about moving to India… still do. If India’s moving to the US then I could move to India. My father was invited to work in India in the late 40s and they said oh it would be so great with servants and everything and my father opted to go work amongst the poor in the USA and with no servants. I might have been born in India and I have studied their religion and medicine a bit and learned mandras and I feel that somehow my destiny is bound up with their destiny… but I need to stand up for the untouchables. The untouchables and tribals are those being poisoned by the nuclear industry… that’s why they don’t care. My biggest beef with India, apart from losing academic funding to less qualified ones, is that they ruined the motel industry. They need to strip them of affirmative action and most would go home.

        • Don’t fall for the BS. This is all about diversion. All your eyes and attention is being forced to pay attention to Russia and China .. and NOW Ukraine and Belarus. I watched all those videos when the Ukranian Students and People were rebelling and being shot with live rounds killed in the streets; then the ‘black helmets’ came and started KILLING students, citizens and protesters BUT THEY WOULD NOT RELENT – MANY WERE KILLED but eventually they drove out the “powers that be and declared Ukraine a FREE STATE”! That said.. INDIA is the “sleeper cell” that will come to get you!! The Indian Government recently declared large RUPI denominations ILLEGAL and gave the citizens just days to cash them in for “INDIAN SCRIPT” that is worthless but Legal to hold. India is the “canary in the coal mine” as to population control and economic dominance from the Elites.. they are experimenting with CryptoCurrencies and “asset valuations” throughout the entire economy – what works in INDIA will be “rolled out to the minions of the world”.. wait and see! They are “The man behind the curtain”.. LOLROTF!! 😜😊

          • Hmm. I wonder if that is related to the KBA-Notasys bribery scandal? It’s certainly a sleeper cell abroad. The idea is that if all of their jerks are leaving with the removal of green card cap and doubling family joining, then maybe there will be only nice people left in India. 🙂 For the religious aspect, recall that they forced people from India to go to Pakistan and vice versa with no notice, but somehow we got bunches of those border people, too, as “refugees”. Then Bangladesh. BTW, Bangladeshi design contributed to the failure of the WTC. What you are saying makes sense, though. Ireland was the model of what was done to American Indians. So, are the Brahmins the world elites?

          • Yes the Irish are still the black people of the white world. SFO is well represented by a large Irish contingency, when they are your friend you are lucky to have a friend like that and they like to have fun – but they are “short on taking shyte..” LOL

  2. Thanks for reposting/reblogging. Unfortunately, the southern hemisphere can be impacted and these are the type more likely to be sent to poor countries in the southern hemisphere. They are starting with them in Idaho where they had the only immediately fatal nuclear accident. If they want to self-destruct I wish Idaho/INL would take the nuclear waste and stop picking on poor regions like SE New Mexico, which is one of the worst places to put the stuff (climate and geology). But, Idaho had a smart Senator who got a law saying Idaho doesn’t have to take waste, even though they are actually the most logical place to send it, based on my research (cool arid climate, INL workers, low population, previous n-accident; looks like a moonscape in that part).

    • Now I’m reading that TVA is getting them … which was my understanding years ago. So, I don’t know if INL and TVA are both getting them or they made a typo. If both then it can wipe out both halves of the country and Canada and likely Europe as well as impacting the rest of the world.

      Obama was pushing all of this is why I didn’t even have time to follow 2016. Now I think he was trying to do 50% of what the bad people wanted, as compromise, whereas Trump is whole hog 100%. I am not sure which is more humane … slow kill or fast kill. Better to drag on for years with cancer or suffer a couple of weeks from rad poisoning or be killed instantly? I don’t think these are good or fair choices.

      NuScale is now owned by Fluor. However, NRC (and much of Fed gov) appears to be largely new immigrants who can go home, once the USA is destroyed. The Americans who work in the nuclear industry/prop it up appear to be mostly from the nuclear navy. UK nuclear navy people involved too. Nuclear power stations look like make-work for former military in many ways.

      This is certainly looking like Hotel California.

    • The thing not to forget is that NO ONE DOWN HERE even HAS $20BN to invest in anymore reactors. Argentina is trying to justify shutting down Atucha 1 & 2 and Embalse as well because the ‘builders’ keep charging more and more for their fuel assemblies! And they don’t actually have a shortage of power here either – NEVER DID!

      And in Brasil – the Centro Nuclear Almirante Álvaro Alberto (CNAAA), Brazil’s nuclear complex located in Angra dos Reis has already Cancelled plans for a 3rd reactor in Angra – trust me it will NEVER be completed! Angra dos Reis is a beautiful paradise of crystal clear ocean waters where you can see the bottom at 100M and you can hand-feed the tropical fish in the Bay, I lived there for 6 months but the prevailing currents during half the year did not flow from the Angra site. Why do they ALWAYS BUILD NUKES IN PARADISE!!?? FUCK!! So Russia or China ain’t gonna sell SHIT when it comes to NUKES down here in S.A. today going forward!!

      Africa may be a different story – and I am extremely concerned that some countries have already signed letters of mutual agreement promising to implement Nukes! I’m still a little light on facts there but I DO remember that BOTH Russia and China are going ‘headstrong’ into selling Africa Nukes.. so please feel free to add to this commentary anything I left out or got wrong.

      Brasilanios have warned the government for years they will not tolerate the Nukes anymore and that if they were not shut down, the people will SHUT THEM DOWN! Brasilanios ain’t no fuckin’ joke.. trust me!! ..

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