The Adam and Eve story – The History Of Cataclysms – Dr. Chan Thomas – Uncovering The Truth

MORE.. of what you don’t know that you don’t know..Β  😊

A declassified CIA document called The Adam and Eve Story has generated much controversy over predictions of an upcoming pole shift (aka crustal displacement) and catastrophic events that may sweep the planet in the not distant future. The 57-page document is based on a book authored by Chan Thomas in 1963. In it, Thomas proposed a pole shift scenario that differed in significant ways with what Charles Hapgood had earlier proposed in his pioneering 1958 book, The Earth’s Shifting Crust.


  1. Gyrogearloose – thanks for drawing my attention to this video. I commented under it:
    Hello Diamond! I know you’ve seen my blog (you’ve shown it) and I think you know my last book (POLE SHIFT: Evidence Will Not Be Silenced) but my next book is all about Chan Thomas – I hope to talk to you and Rex before I finish it

    • Thanks for your comments David, comments are always OPEN here and I DO respond to most of them when possible. This is a ‘focused’ subject I post about – and it can be proven as you see here. Recommend you visit Doug Vogt’s site – The Diebold Corporation. AMAZING things going on there with references to other sites of similar veins.. 😊

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