SEN. CRUZ: Has Trump impeachment been a legitimate process—or partisan weapon?

TED “DumbAss” CRUZ – this guy is so “full of shit his eyes are brown”, some say he’s “lower than a snake in a wagon track” and yet others say, “if brains were dynamite, he couldn’t blow his Fuckin’ nose”, “I SAY HE IS AN UGLY LOOKING MISANTHROPE WHO NEEDS TO BE FLOGGED TO DEATH WITH A WET NOODLE, FORGOTTEN AND OSTRACIZED FROM EXISTENCE”.. LOLROTF

Senator Ted Cruz joins us for a timely conversation about how the impeachment process has been weaponized against President Trump. What do Americans need to know? How will the Senate trial unfold? Watch the discussion. America’s Founders did not provide for impeachment as a partisan political weapon or as a response by Congress to a President’s policies with which they disagree. Impeachment is a remedy for serious misconduct by the President and other federal officials that renders them unfit for office. It is paramount that a presidential impeachment be fair, legitimate, and minimize partisanship.

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