Fukushima No.1 reactor to be covered, Tuna billed Pre-Fukushima, San Onofre , Nuclear News Show

Dana Durnford is one of the original chroniclers of the Fukushima Disaster for the past 6+ years. He has compiled data from all over the world media outlets, university research papers and scientific “on site” research performed by robots that ‘die’ from radiation within 1 hour max.

He has also taken his boats and traveled up and down the entire Inner Passage collecting research on the ‘lost and dead’ wildlife both in – and out of the ocean. He does species counts of most marine life forms and found that they are all extinct – never to return! You should subscribe to his ‘live chanel’ podcasts done 4-5 days a week. YOU WILL BE SHOCKED AT THE CONDITION OF THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST SPECIES – MILLIONS OFB BIRDS HAVE BEEN LOST, INSECTS, REPTILES, EVEN THE BEARS AND WOLVES HAVE NOT BEEN SPOTTED IN YEARS

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Even if you make it to that 4 percent of land surrounded by high levels of radiation what about the airborne radiation . is that going to respect the 4 percent factor , it means you can not leave your house when you get there . You can not drink water from the taps or use it for cooking cleaning bathing washing you can not even open a window or drive home or go out in your garden.

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