Since Nov 2014 Japan never collected any Tanks of Fukushima radioactive water

More from Dana today.. this show streamed on the net just Dec. 23, 2019. He – as always – has many horrifying and fatal nuclear news to inform you about. Ignore this if you like – but I have already left the US as a result of this disaster!! Recommend you do the same while you STILL CAN!

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Since last night Media has flooded the net with stories of Japan threatening to dump 1000s tanks into the pacific or evaporate it into the air like they did at Three Mile Island as a Christmas gift from the Devils right hand aka The Nuclear Industry . According to the first 3 stories Japan never collected any Tanks of water Since Nov 2014 and in 2018 claimed they only had 900 Tanks as I will show tonight.
1,000 large tanks in Nov 12, 2014…
1,000 large tanks in Dec. 23, 2019…
900 Tanks 16 October 2018…


  1. I recall that they had a pre-Fukushima permit to dump something like 70,000 metric tonnes of tritiated water per year. A liter of water is roughly a kg and 1000 kg is a metric tonne. That sounds like a drop in the bucket of what is being created… still it gives an idea that they always dumped. It was the first I understood that the nuclear industry legally dumps…. Before Fukushima I didn’t know.

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