Dear Sellafield: 🎄Christmastide Letter of Concern Regarding Atomic Cats 🐈

The Nuclear Crime Syndicate has many ways, means and methods to kill you – this is one of them! They’ll kill you with radioactive kittens who when they sneeze, urinate or shit it is likely radioactive so you flush it down the toilet or put it in your community waste bin for pickup to the local dumps thereby contaminating the your entire city/county! A nice present especially for your kids eh?? LOLROTF!!

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Sellafield is a British nuclear (waste) site in Cumbria, similar to Hanford and Savannah River Nuclear Sites in the United States.

Dear Sellafield – To Whom it May Concern

Hope you have had a good Christmas!

I would like to ask the following questions on behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland

The questions relate to the rehoming in 2019 of cats from the Sellafield site

1. Why weren’t the cats rehomed ‘in-house’ with Sellafield staff? (this would have allowed some control of rehoming ie not with young families and allowed ongoing monitoring of the cat and host’s health)

Dear Sellafield: 🎄Christmastide Letter of Concern Regarding Atomic Cats 🐈

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