REPOST: but lots of interest with new followers — COSMIC DISASTER | CIA: Classified

Our Sun has been found to Nova as discovered by the astronauts collections from the moon during the 60s. NASA got scared when they realized what these ‘glass fragments’ actually meant! In fact, NASA was created primarily for these and other supporting fact missions in the Solar System since the 60s right up until today.


Premiered Aug 14, 2019

Cosmic Disaster, Solar Micronova, Superflare, Magnetic Reversal, Crustal Displacement, Ice Age, Tsunamis, Volcanoes… it’s all here, it’s all been done before and it’s all coming again soon. Science tells us these magnetic events come on a cycle, we are due up again now, and shocker… the magnetic field is shifting and accelerating. This is not a coincidence.

Observing the Frontier 2020: To get free copies of the classified work, go to

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