Michael Moore on Trump, 2020 & Why “the Old, Angry White Guy” Doesn’t Represent the Working Class

This is GOOD STUFF.. check it out! Bernie is ‘on one here’.. LOLROTF!

Dec 30, 2019

Last week on Democracy Now!, acclaimed filmmaker Michael Moore predicted Donald Trump would win-re-election if Democrats don’t choose a candidate to run against him who excites their base of voters. His comments prompted President Donald Trump to respond on Twitter, “He made [the] same prediction in 2016. Nobody ever said Michael was stupid!” But Moore’s comments went further than Trump’s tweet alluded to. He said the working class in the United States is mostly women, people of color and young people — all groups who tend to vote Democratic. Moore, who supports Bernie Sanders, said Democrats can win if they focus on these voters and on bold proposals like Medicare for All.


  1. When I was in the Nursing field the Hospital covered ‘staff doctors’ malpractice insurance but as a Nurse I had to cover my own. That is why I left the ‘hospital staff’ positions and chose to ‘contract out’ my services through regional ‘medical registries’ where they paid me per diem and enough that I could afford my malpractice insurance for THAT DAY. I didn’t have to carry a policy 24/7/365 like hospital staff nurses! If I took a 3 day assignment I only had to have malpractice insurance those 3 days and I was paid well on a per day basis and could make a nice days pay and live comfortably the rest of the week with no work. Ultimately, the hospitals started refusing to pay the “premium fees” for temporary, immediate, on-call staffing help and changed their hiring habits for and with ‘staff nurses’ and the registries then moved into the Home Care Special Needs business where insurance companies could afford to pay their on-call staff per diem!

    Medicare for All will never work in the US – it is too UNregulated and would be an immediate failure in the US. Hell – it’s already failing as it exists NOW!

  2. Medicare for all can only work if they put serious caps on costs, as they do in Canada (and France). And, this must start with the cost of med school education, which has always been many times higher than other programs. Patients get virtually nothing for malpractice so the doctors don’t have to carry the liability insurance. Doctors already scam Medicaid and Medicare right and left. This is why the US spends more for only covering part of the population. Without cleaning up the fraud, the cost will implode the country. The newest scam is to ask elderly people a few questions and then charge hundreds for a “physical”. Even for paying clients their new scam is “come back later” if it’s not better. I’ve seen doctors warehouse poor folk but couldn’t find who to report it to pre-internet. US doctors used to be accused of overdoctoring. Now they seem to just sit there and collect their money. Plus, you may come out with diseases you didn’t go in with due to poor hygiene. I don’t think I have seen a US doctor follow a proper hand-washing protocol in 40 years. After having seen too many pools of blood and suspicious spots in doctors offices, I used to bring alcohol wipes to clean the office while I waited, but it is hard to move fast enough. It’s easier simply to avoid doctors. If you put caps on costs, then you end up with doctors who are in the profession because they care, like they have in Canada. They make a good living, but they aren’t rich. But, don’t go to a Canadian doctor who works in the US. It means they are almost certainly on-the-make.

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