Trump Sends Thousands of Additional US Troops to the Middle East (Kuwait); NYC on Alert

Having served in the 82nd ABN DIV IRF I can tell you this unit at this time is prudent to be deployed to Kuwait and available to do what it is they do best, short term ball-busting.- But IMO they are an outdated, boots on the ground unit that does not work today as it was conceived. The will just become missile cannon fodder. it would be far more appropriate for Marine/Air Force units to be “first responders” to whatever happens next. The 82nd is not outfitted to stay ANYWHERE long term. They don’t have as part of their mission the ability to set up resupply and logistical support for long term deployment. The cannot maintain forced combat for long periods.

They are equipped and best suited for short-term emergency advanced security deployment to stabilize a critical situation until marines and standard ground and air support arrive to equalize the threat being faced then allowing the 82nd to be extracted and redeployed wherever else they may be needed.

Iran’s responses will not be equalized with “boots on the ground concepts”. Iran will likely strike small, wait for “boots on the ground” responses then ambush that main force and secondary responders when they come rushing in to the rescue! When you think about it – we have no defense that will work! We are at their mercy in their territory and on their timeline. ‘Nuff said.. 😊

by miningawareness

In Trumpland: War = Peace & Sending Thousands of US Troops to the Middle East = Withdrawal

Time to reflect upon Trump and Giuliani’s connection to Iran:

From VOA News:
Troops in Kuwait

The comments by senior U.S. officials came as fresh U.S. troops were setting up in Kuwait, part of Washington’s plan to protect bases and personnel across the Middle East in anticipation of Iranian-directed violence. 
About 750 soldiers from the 82nd Airborne Division’s Immediate Response Force touched down at Salem Air Base on Friday, with U.S. defense officials confirming the force’s remaining 3,000 troops were on their way. 
A Defense Department spokesperson called the order for the additional soldiers “an appropriate and precautionary action,” citing “increased threat levels against U.S. personnel and facilities.”

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