Sanders, Biden, Buttigieg In Three-Way Iowa Tie: Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC


BIDEN is complicated in this election – I can’t possibly see him being a truly viable candidate. He has baggage that is not transmutable. He displays Alzheimers tendencies, his ability to speak publicly has diminished astonishingly over the past year, he does not have the stamina – in this day and age – to be a ‘strong’ President on the world stage. His Sun has set!

BERNIE has become a top centrist candidate that can carry both Dems and Indies on many issues. Don’t be fooled by the MSM when they talk about his “flaws”. He has a new set of batteries and is ready, willing and able to take it to the finish line – the unknown is whether his colleagues will ‘throw their votes his way’ when they realize they have no chance!

BUTTIGIEG is the the ‘Lone Star’ that is NOT ready for prime time – but he would make a useful, conscientious and ‘middle of the road’ VPOTUS. I personally like his ‘midwest history and background’ as well as his military experience in Military Intelligence and live Combat.

Warren, Young, Booker and Klobuchar are “Outta here”..

So — bottom line for me is: Bernie for POTUS; Buttigieg for VPOTUS!

My favorite gambling endeavor was always the Race Track – ya just “Nevah Know”.. LOL 😊

Biden, Sen. Bernie Sanders and fmr. Mayor Pete Buttigieg are in a three-way tie in Iowa, according to new CBS News/YouGov polling. The panel discusses. Aired on 1/6/20.


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