Ep. 9: Please Let Me Rob You, I’m Woke (feat. Anand Giridharadas)

Some of the most inspiring and interesting conversations today are appearing in Audio-format podcasts. There are many and they are cropping up like ‘whack-a-moles’ all across the Net. Chris Wallace, MSNBC has one and so does Michael Moore – called RUMBLE! Michael, as you may know, is a very knowledgeable, educated and well-versed guy in Media today. Primarily a filmmaker in his past but now he says, I can get more said and done on many subjects by doing podcast interviews with avante-garde writers, columnists, authors and political analysts. I recommend you listen to this one and if it appeals to your sense of what is REALLY going on today in current events, places, times and issues then I recommend you listen to some of his catalog which spans many episodes by now and are ongoing approximately weekly. GOOD STUFF!Ā 

Premiered 9 hours ago

While the majority of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck and one emergency away from financial peril, a new study shows that the 500 richest people in the world gained a combined $1.2 trillion in wealth in 2019. In the U.S., the richest 0.1% now control a bigger share of the pie than at any time since the beginning of the Great Depression. But what happens when the very people hoarding this wealth at the expense of democracy, the environment and an equitable society, re-brand themselves as the people who will fix society’s problems? What happens when the arsonists pose as the firefighters? Anand Giridharadas has been studying these questions and he joins Michael Moore to name names and discuss what to do about it.


  1. Yet another Tamil Brahmin (like Kamala Harris) setting the ideological agenda and probably masquerading their elite status under the guise of “of color”. The first Tamil Brahmin I ever met (or knew I met) pretended to be black, admitted to making up their resume, and was pushing for academic segregation of races and gender in the 1990s… not the 1960s, but 1990s. Furthermore, based on lies they got funding away from better qualified Americans and were making inroads in convincing people who should know better that women needed separate schools from men so that they could “feel better” about themselves. It was a Tamil who felled the AG of NY – Schneiderman – who was trying to do good things. These stories (I believe lies) were only things that only an Asian-India could cook up. They weren’t a vocabulary that an American would use. At least I now know how to vet them fairly quickly. Often it’s India that tells the truth, but even NPR outed this guy (Anand whats his face): https://www.npr.org/2011/01/04/132631222/india-calling-the-new-land-of-opportunity. Spent much of yesterday vetting the new head of Lutheran Charities/Refugee services who is a Sri Lankan Tamil who shares the name with a famous Tamil Tiger terrorist. A Hindu Tamil head of Lutheran charities. Lutheran and Catholic Charities enabled homesteading from Germany and Scandinavia, and wouldn’t help African Americans homestead. Jewish charities also helped bring in “refugees” from India.

    If I had more brain-power and time I would listen and see what is the Tamil Brahmin’s latest agenda, but trying to keep more from coming in with S386 is keeping me entertained. How many of these are fronts for the Tamil Tigers? That Sri Lankan Civil war was because the Tamils were mad because they didn’t get affirmative action and were trying to take over part of that country. They have their own district in India Tamil Nadu from which they hail but want Sri Lanka too and now they want this country. So pisses me off. I need to find a country where they are NOT.

    I think most of the problems we are seeing now are connected to funding of various “national liberation”/terrorist groups… starting with the IRA, if not before. The pols are falling over themselves to protect an Irish terrorist leader who is disclined by the modern IRA. His group is a drug-running IRA spin off that wouldn’t accept the Good Friday agreement, and he’s been illegal for decades and Trump’s sister protecting him and all the pols protecting him.

    • LOL.. I knew that post would get a ‘rise’ out of you and spark another history lesson for me.. thanks for that šŸ˜Š The main point being – and let’s not forget – is the rise of audio-based interview podcasts where one can go into great detail about any subject with impunity; no YouTube EULAs to get in the way, no FB polices monitoring and shutting you down on ‘their’ every whim and basically NO REGULATION OR RESTRICTION as to subject or length of ‘run-time’! I liked all of M.Moore’s movies – let’s see how he does in this new – both for him and the Net – platform going forward.. it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than making movies to say ONE THING which I have always thought to be a big waste of talented and creative resources based upon the available alternatives.. Best wishes Michael! šŸ‘€šŸ˜Š

      BTW – thanks for the citation and I still would like to have an authorized ‘logo’ that I can use on your posts and reposts.

      • S386 has me in a constant state of alarm over India. I was hoping to calm down while the Senate was gone for the weekend. Some guy was sent to jail as a “hate crime” for attacking a motel owner from India at a motel in Oregon that is (according to online comments and pics) full of bed bugs, mold, dirt and blood on sheets. It puts in mind the Miss State Pen at Parchman. The media won’t tell his side of the story. That reminded me that anyone who wants to travel in the US now (for over a decade) needs to buy a camper, since the US gov allowed India to buy up our motels in exchange for green cards. Upper castes who depend on untouchables to clean owning motels is a disaster. I’ve seen a worker from India with the little red dot on her forehead doing impeccable cleaning in Europe and I must assume she was an untouchable. The closest there is to a logo is Kosciuzsko with the William Jennings Bryant quote. This discusses someone with a podcast that I want to start listening to see what it is: https://twitter.com/USTechWorkers/status/1216101922970722310

        • Don’t take my comments wrong .. I understand your stance and agree totally. Hell, in SFO where I’m from ALL Hotels/Motels less than 3 stars are owned and operated by Indians – you can smell the curry when you hit the front door!! And they abuse the local statutes in THEIR favor by setting rules that are not ‘law’ and are wholly illegal and when you don’t want to comply – not only will they refuse your business but they have a “BLACKLIST” network between them all – and you cannot stay anywhere in the City Limits of San Francisco once on that fxckin’ list!!! So there is no love lost from me on those ‘assholes of the earth’! SFO has NO industry other than tourism, restaurants and hospitality – over 70% of the entire County Budget and they are taking over. There are more Indian restaurants in SFO now than even Chinese restaurants in China town. BUT – that is not going to last – the “Jackson Street Boys” in Chinatown are not happy with the Indian growing incursion into their historically undisputed domain – the extortion program has already begun – and SOON COME violence.. believe it, it is coming to an Indian restaurant near you soon! CHINATOWN, AND THE RESTAURANT BUSINESS IN “THE AVENUES”, IS OFF LIMITS TO ALL WHO ARE NOT CHINESE/JAPANESE!!!!

          The Chinese gang violence is EPIC in SFO history and this is in modern times not the 19th century – we all (locals) stopped going to Chinatown completely for a couple of years after this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_Dragon_massacre

          So I support your inspiring efforts 100%.

          • Thanks. California seems to be the test case. The figure for Patel motels is huge – like 3/4 or more of the US motels. Some Patels can now afford housekeeping.

          • I watched this situation develop over the past 20 years or so and now it is so entrenched only the Chinese Triads have the power to put an end to it – AND THEY WILL, TRUST ME!! šŸ˜Š

          • What will they do? Take control of the motels or simply the entire area? Thanks for reminding me about the Triads. More food for thought. If it’s not spy agencies it’s organized crime to worry about and their nexus.

          • Their MO is to extort more and more until they break the bank or they refuse to pay. Once they refuse to pay anymore – after all the gangs would prefer they remain in business as it is income in their pockets – but when they refuse they will firebomb or burn the place to a pile of ashes and tell them to get the fxck OUT! They have run this MO for more than a hundred years – all the players know the game – and the consequences are clear – there can be no naivety! As I said earlier the restaurant business is PRIME BEEF in SFO, not something to be taken lightly especially when dealing with the Triads – you can not win that battle!

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