I learned an awful lot about McKinsey & Company, Mayor Pete and the corporate whistle blower of  McKinsey, Wendell Potter here. Ya just can’t make this shit up.. and the hits just keep on comin’, and comin’, and comin’.. you gotta check this story out, it is “off the radar” but critical to know..  👀😳😕😯😮😖😩😫😵😠😡

December 18 2019, 6:01 a.m.

THE POWERFUL GLOBAL consulting firm McKinsey is facing scrutiny over its work for a wide range of shady governments and companies. This week on Intercepted: Former senior health insurance executive-turned-whistleblower Wendell Potter explains McKinsey’s role in our insurance nightmare and how Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is using industry talking points to attack Medicare for All. Potter also discusses his career working for insurance giants, soaring medical costs in the U.S., and his role in killing Hillary Clinton’s health care initiative in the 1990s. ProPublica reporter Ian MacDougall discusses McKinsey’s relationship with the Saudi regime, its work for Rikers Island, and how it helped push opioids to doctors and patients. MacDougall also lays out his reporting on how McKinsey’s work for Immigration and Customs Enforcement in detaining and deporting immigrants disturbed career immigration officials.

Also, the Justice Department’s inspector general blasted the FBI over its lies and omissions in obtaining a secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant to spy on Trump campaign operative Carter Page. Intercept co-founder Glenn Greenwald discusses how the report vindicates civil liberties activists and serves as a striking rebuke of the bipartisan love affair with law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

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    Medicaid for all can only work with serious caps on everything, including doctors salaries, cheap med school, and almost nothing paid for medical malpractice. This is how Canada covers everyone for less than the US covers a few. With Canadian like caps people could probably afford out-of-pocket without insurance. I think it would be cheaper than insurance. Bernie should know this since he’s from next door, but I’ve never heard him talk about this angle. Canada does charge more for visiters to stop people from just running across the border. You have to buy a special insurance. I don’t really see caps happening minus a revolution due to the influence of the insurance and medical industrial complex. Medicaid/Medicare has some caps but they are high and doctors cheat to get the highest amount (e.g. Charging for a physical when they did not such thing).

    Plus our lives have ZERO value now because of world overpopulation. If you recall, Latin America and the Caribbean was notorious for not even feeding the slaves and just working them to death because it was cheaper to buy new ones than care for the old ones. Where slavery had been outlawed they had to feed them enough to reproduce. I have started worrying about overpopulation in heaven, there are so many people. And, how could God keep up with everyone? I guess that’s the logic behind praying to saints.

    I can’t find one argument to use against nuclear and other environmental problems simply because our lives have zero value due to overpopulation. In fact, I came to believe that the life-shortening effects of radiation exposure are a ploy to insure that people die at retirement age and they can steal the social security. The lifeshortening effects were around 13 years (median) which works out to be around retirement (median). It also causes infertility. The rich can get the best medical care, but the poor will simply die in pain and misery and perhaps homeless and starving. Overpopulation has made us like vermin. We are the new untouchables. Germany killed those who ate food but did nothing for society, which they deemed “worthless eaters” or something like that. They started off with the mentally and physically disabled. I don’t know if they got started on the elderly or not.

    The US doctors are constantly cheating Medicaid and Medicare by charging for services that they don’t deliver and people don’t know how to report it. They charge for physicals that they don’t do; warehouse people; generally overcharge. Insurance companies have been known to keep the doctors from overcharging. I recall a doctor charging me 16 x what I was charged in Canada and insurance only allowed him to charge 8 x. The US doctor was a millionaire, which would be a multi-millionaire today.

    Switzerland requires people to buy insurance and as a result some young people have huge debts from that instead of university which is free to the talented (that from a Swiss TV program, not from right wing talking points). Even the elderly have to file insurance. In France you have to file, too. You generally get your money back within a week in France, but if you are really poor, it’s a problem. There was a chain-saw attack a couple of years ago on a Swiss insurance company by a guy who was mentally ill, homeless and living in a forest and I guess didn’t know how to file or something. Canada’s the best system, but it requires very high taxes and may not be there in the future due to immigration. You just show a card and file nothing and pay nothing. Now and again there has been discussion of life-boat cost-cuts, however. Unfortunately, that is the future due to immigration. Also, in Switzerland and Germany the cheapest insurance means you have to go to the doctor within what is something like a county, where there may not be the best hospital. For a long time farmers and small business were not covered in France, by the way. Coverage is also partial unless you buy into a “mutual” insurance. It is predicted that Scandinavia will lose its social welfare state, too, due to immigration/refugees.

    Anyway, I’ve talked about this for a very long time to no avail. I intend to go more deeply into denial and prep mentally and physically for death.

    I used to think Bernie would be good for anti-nuclear but even that is incorrect. He seems to be running off of old Socialist Worker Party talking points which might have worked in the late 1960s, when he was a member, but not today. SWP claimed him as late as the late 1990s. You can be certain this would be brought up big-time if he became candidate. When he pushed for burial of Vermont nuclear waste in Texas, activists complained that he wouldn’t listen and I fear this is the case. If he doesn’t know the Canadian system and is next door, he must be deaf, dumb and blind.

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