We Tortured Some Folks: The Report’s Daniel Jones on the Ongoing Fight to Hold the CIA Accountable

We don’t TORTURE.. We don’t TORTURE.. We don’t TORTURE.. We don’t TORTURE.. We don’t TORTURE.. in MY Administration there WILL BE NO TORTURE! President Barack Obama – said repeatedly! There is a new movie that pretty accurately depicts exactly how all this went down.. “THE REPORT”  😳😖😩😫😵😠😡

Intercepted — December 11 2019
An Intercept Podcast show

MONDAY MARKED THE five-year anniversary of the release of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s executive summary on the CIA’s torture program. The former top Senate Intelligence Committee investigator, Daniel Jones, and his team combed through 6.3 million pages of CIA records. Jones discusses the yearslong battle with the Bush and Obama administrations to make public the findings of this still-classified 7,000-page report. In this bonus episode, Jones expands on the torture report findings.

Jones is the subject of the new feature film, “The Report,” starring Adam Driver and Annette Bening, and the host of its companion podcast, “The Report Podcast,” with Kelly McEvers, where they unpack the story of the CIA’s torture program, the Senate’s investigation, and the ensuing cover-up.

We aired an excerpt of this interview on Intercepted. What follows is the transcript of the entire conversation. — the link below carries both the transcript and the audio podcast —


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