‘Disaster’: Trump May Face His Nightmare Impeachment Trial With John Roberts In Charge | MSNBC

IMO I think, from what I have seen in the past, that John Roberts is a “strict follower of the Constitution” when it comes to his participation in High Court decisions more often than not.. I would also not be surprised if he makes a controversial move in this upcoming Imprsvhmrnt hearing he will preside over.. after he felt that he could cite the swearing in of a new President by memory – but didn’t work – we  will see what happens at the Trial! 😊

Pres. Trump is headed for an impeachment trial in the Senate overseen by a judge he once called an “absolute disaster,” Chief Justice John Roberts. MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber reports on Roberts’ work as a lawyer, his testimony as a judicial nominee stating “no one is above the law” including “the President,” and the outlook for key rulings at the Senate trial. Aired on 01/13/20.


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