Oscar-Nominated Netflix Film Is Slammed by Brazil’s Bolsonaro

Bolsonaro – the Brasilian Cry Baby – has of course come out against the Oscar nominated documentary “Edge of Democracy”! Did anyone expect anything else from a tyrant such as he? LOL 😊 The good news is that his ‘opinion’ means nothing at all to the rest of the world! He’s just being a “Cry Baby”!! LOLROTF!!  Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.. what a DumbAss.. 😳😯😮😖😋😆😝😜

I was living in Brasil when this impeachment took place. I watched in amazement and disgust at a local Cachasa Bar, getting more and more drunk and upset as I watched, the Brasilian Senate one-by-one prostitute themselves on the Senate floor to vote YES for this illegitimate and improper impeachment. DO NOT be surprised if Bolsanaro attempts to cut Netflix from the Brasilian Internet over tis movie.. by the way, the Supreme Court of Brasil has commuted Lula’s prison sentence and he is now a FREE MAN!! 😊

The film “The Edge of Democracy,” about the impeachment of former President Dilma Rousseff, is “fiction,” he told reporters outside the presidential residence in Brasilia on Tuesday. “Am I going to waste time with crap like that?”

Bolsonaro’s comments are the latest reaction to the film that has further divided Brazil’s polarized political landscape. Many on the country’s political left including former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who mentored Rousseff, celebrated its nomination for best documentary feature. Meanwhile, lawmakers who supported the impeachment process including the PSDB party said the film was “fiction and fantasy.”

Directed by Petra Costa, “The Edge of Democracy” gives a first-person account of Brazil politics under Lula and Rousseff. The backlash against Brazil’s ruling elite which contributed to Rousseff’s ouster in 2016 helped clear the way for Bolsonaro’s election two years later.


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