Anyone who has watched Trump speak over the last couple of years has noticed these things. The Daily Show even put together a compilation of Trump’s habit of mispronouncing words.

DumbAss Doofus – at his best!! Or is it at his Worst.. or is it at his Stupidest.. or is it at his NORMAL STABLE GENIUS mode.. or is it Early in the Morning.. OR IS IT ALL THE FxCKIN’ TIME???  LOLROTF.. 😊💩

“But Wednesday’s speech was on a whole new level. Initially, the president seemed out of breath—as if he had arrived at the microphone after completing a morning jog. His affect was completely flat, giving the appearance of having no investment in the words he was reading from the teleprompter. There was a heaviness to his delivery, as if he was struggling to talk through cottonmouth. He particularly struggled with the letter “s” and was unable to pronounce words like “tolerated” and “accomplishments.” Finally, tracking something that has become common in Trump’s speeches, Timothy Burke documented that he snorted 58 times during those nine minutes.”

courtesy of The Washington Monthly and The Daily Show..

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  1. Like a South African has any room to criticize on dialect? Are they the new standard? I think I could have a field day with Trevor Noah’s phonetics, if I had nothing else to do… except I probably didn’t learn the phonetic symbols for things like sayrve for serve, which is how Trevor Noah pronounces it. Actually maybe but don’t have phonetic symbols on the keyboard. English serve is pronounced sirve (like Sir with a v). South Africans are the richest Americans now, even richer than those from India, btw. But, we’ve fallen into the new immigrant absurd, if we have new immigrants with foreign accents criticizing Trump’s New York accent and mostly dialectical slip-ups and tongue-slips.

    I think that Trump may be dialectically and linguistically confused. Some of this is like some regional dialects that put “rs” where there are none and leave out the “r”. This may be Scots-Irish. His first language is Scots Gaelic, his wife doesn’t speak English (nor did his previous wife), he’s surrounded by Russian Jews, then there’s the whole New York accent (including Giuliani). Not to mention all of the foreign heads of state. His Czech inlaws used to live with him. It’s a wonder that he can speak at all. Americans used to say Chili for the country. It’s not Spanish he’s speaking. Both Canadians and some Americans say I-talian, which is irksome, but they say it. And, who is criticizing? It’s a non-American who wouldn’t be familiar with regional dialects and may not know more than his own dialect. I’m boycotting non-Americans appearing on US TV – like they can’t find a funny American. I know better. I made an exception and let Trevor speak for a few words. Talking with an accent and making funny faces isn’t a talent but main-stream media seems to think it is now. He’s not the only one, there’s the Brit who came on the F-O talent visa.

    Why don’t you have a comedy TV show? Think about it. You would be rolling in $$$ if you were given that opportunity. Only immigrants get opportunity these days, it seems.

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