Fukushima Radiation in Australia Southern Hemisphere Not Safe Either

FUKUSHIMA IS NOW ALL OVER THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE! Peter Daley, on the 8th of January, 2019 experienced a long-term alarm on his geiger counter that would not stop. He found that it was reading in the range of .8 microsieverts/hr continuously. This level is 8 times above local average in Australia! That combined with the fires in Australia today are contaminating the entire Southern Hemisphere – now on a regular basis. In New Zealand, South Island a few weeks later another person found a reading of 1.8microsievers/hr all the way up to 4.5microsieverts/hr – THAT LEVEL IS AN IMMEDIATE EVACUATION LEVEL ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD!! The fires in Australia are RE-radiating all those radioisotopes back into the atmosphere and they have already reached Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. These readings are all taken by regular homeowners who took the precaution to purchase their own geiger counters to monitor atmospheric levels outside and INside their houses. 


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Premiered Aug 29, 2019

Peter Daley on the #Fukushima Radiation Cloud over #Australia & NZ. The nuclear #radiation from the demolished Japanese, Fukushima power plant in the Northern Hemisphere has breached the equatorial belt and seeped into the Southern Hemisphere and now this contamination is gradually raining down on us from within the upper atmosphere. I agree with most the interview but i do believe spent fuel pool # 4 blew up as well. Nobody can be a 100 % certain about how bad Fukushima is with all the censorship. We can only rely on the pictures we have that show a completely destroyed building. This interview is around a year after Fukushima reactors exploded. https://www.ourplanet.org/greenplanet…


  1. 3 days ago my primary geiger alarmed for 24hrs then has remained at dangerous levels for the past 2 days since. This tells me they are making a “refueling procedure” at one of the Atucha reactors around Buenos Aires. Since it has lasted so long it may actually be from the CANDU Embalse reactor complex as it takes twice as long for a refueling cycle in CANDUs then in PHWR SEU (Pressurized Heavy Water Reactor / Slightly Enriched Uranium) as in Atucha 1. My secondary geiger which I use only to measure Micro/Mili Sievert scales is also just below my preset alarm mode – so it is possible they are doing more than one refuel cycle at the same time – a practice they prefer when making fuel cycle changes at a multi-mixed complex. The 3rd possibility is the CONUAR SA Fuel Processing Plant South of Buenos Aires may be venting more than normal. I watch those Argentinos very closely here and will keep all posted on anything out of the ordinary as it is the past 3-4 days. I hesitate to post specifically on it for my own reasons at this time but I am ON IT!

    Argentina chose the most poisonous and dangerous reactor types, that exist today, to operate TO ONLY CONTRIBUTE 10% OF POWER CAPACITY TO THEIR ENTIRE GRID!!!!! Following are ALL the detailed stats from the IAEA on Argentina Nuclear Capacity today.. THIS IS REALLY SCARY SHIT!! https://cnpp.iaea.org/countryprofiles/Argentina/Argentina.htm

  2. I can’t find any coverage of the mining fires. Even the nuclear news Australia didn’t know. I have identified three on the map of Australia within the last 7 days. One mine is uranium (Olympic). Two have lead and zinc and uranium is usually with lead, as lead is the end result of the uranium chain. I do need to post the images at least. I was trying to take more pics but internet connection not so good right now. I have some pictures but was still learning to use that particular fire map. I have no idea where mines new and old are and then have to scout for what looks like a mine and then try to figure what mine it is. I need kml/kmz for both the mining sites and the fires, and even the one for the fires isn’t working. You aren’t totally out of the woods, either. Not only are there heavy water reactors near you but a fuel facility. You may be 200 miles away, however. Ian Fairlie found or documented in his work that Tritium from the CANDU/heavy water reactors can be measured very far… I can’t recall if it is 200 km or 200 miles. Chernobyl impacted reindeer 1000 miles away. It’s important to be happy where you are at because the only guarantee is death and taxes. Somewhere in my blog I think there’s a post indicating how and how much radiation made it very early on to Australia. I think it was around 1/3rd of the discharges due to the way the wind and currents split, but that might not be correct. https://firms.modaps.eosdis.nasa.gov

  3. THIS IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF “EVERYTHING WE DON’T KNOW THAT WE DON’T KNOW”.. the namesake of this Blog!! If not for LOCAL news this story probably never would have reached print in MSM – as you indicate it HAS NOT!! Without your ‘deep dive’ this story may never have come to light.. on a scale of 100 I predict that we don’t know 90+% of what affects our lives on a critical daily basis! And the balance of what is known and is not known is heading quickly toward the 100% level.

    Thanks for your research and pointing out that there are a such thing as MINE FIRES, Mine water leaching into the water table, evaporation of OPEN NUCLEAR FUEL ROD COOLING POOLS, Flare Burns at LGN Plants that contain considerable content of radionuclides, Fuel Rod Refueling of Reactors where they remove the ENTIRE LID off of the Reactor Containment Vessels creating massive releases of ALL radioisotopes, their daughters and accompanying actinides, Centrifuging and Purification of Uranium in which the centrifuges have to be constantly “vented” as the gases build up in the Centrifuge, the Chemical Processing and gas leaching of Plutonium to reach purity for Bomb-grade Plutonium, and generally standard operations and releases of ALL NUCLEAR REACTORS from the COOLING TOWERS – ALL that are judged by “THE POWERS THAT BE TO BE INCONSEQUENTIAL, PRIVILEGED AND UNNECESSARY TO OUR NEED TO KNOW OF AND FOR SAID INFORMATION AND KNOWLEDGE”!! IT IS FxCKIN’ INSANITY!!!!!!! YET THEY CONTINUE TO BRING ONLINE MORE AND MORE REACTORS?? It takes 1-2 external power plants JUST TO RUN ONE NUCLEAR REACTOR – THEY CANNOT EVEN POWER THEMSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BUT I DIGRESS – I could go on and on about the poisoning of the environment from EVERY ANGLE when it comes to Nuclear – AND THAT IS ONLY NUCLEAR! 👀😳😠😡💀💩

  4. Also maybe fires at some of the uranium mines. There is currently one at the Olympic Dam Mine, according to fires maps, which is a mine that includes uranium. There may be others but that’s the only one I can find without spending lots of time, and even then not sure which days it started because it only shows for one week and it has varied throughout the week.

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