President Donald Trump Picks Jeffrey Epstein Lawyers For Impeachment | All In | MSNBC

Chris touches on ‘key’ questions concerning Epstein, Barr and DumbAs Doofus. IF Epstein is ‘dead’ – where’s the funeral, where’s the burial, where’s the body? – WHERE IS ANY EVIDENCE AT ALL? NO TAPES, NO EYE WITNESSES and NO EVIDENCE WHATEVER HE IS DEAD!! Until someone shows me ALL the above as far as I’m concerned he is not dead – he is somewhere on some island living out the rest of his live with his Private Harem!! I BET HIS SMILEY-FACED BUDDY ON THE RIGHT KNOWS WHERE HE IS AND WHAT HAPPENED!! 😠😡💩

The President used to party with Jeffrey Epstein. Now he’s tapped his legal team. Aired on 01/17/20.

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