W H A T ? ? .. they already put it in the steel and plastics of your new cars, in your tableware (plates, cups, saucers and silver service), your clothes, your vitamins and supplements, your food, water and air, your shoes, your bedding, your gasoline and oil, your tires, your mouthwash, toothpaste and toothbrushes, your glasses, your carpets, your aluminum siding, your double-paned windows, your potting soil used in your garden, your furniture, your cosmetics and make-up, your shaving cream, your razor blades, your mercury light bulbs, your fast-food, your dairy products, your cellphones, your air fresheners, your big screen LEDs, your air conditioner parts, your table salt, your herbs and spices from Japan, your liquor – both distilled and brewed, your thermos bottles, your indoor paints, your wallpaper, electric stove top burners, your .. your.. your.. your.. basically EVERYTHING YOU USE TODAY! Why not in your Batteries too.. but in the words of Indian mystic Meher Baba (1894–1969) — Don’t worry, be Happy! ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.. ARE YOU HAPPY YET?? LOLROTF.. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.. 



Radioactive material from a nuclear power plant being decommissioned in the U.K. could soon be used to create “ultra-long-lasting” power sources, researchers say.

Scientists from the University of Bristol, U.K., suggest carbon-14, a radioactive isotope should be extracted from waste at the Berkeley power station in Gloucestershire and recycled to generate energy as part of a project revealed back in 2016 which produced a “nuclear-powered battery.”

Previously, researchers created a type of diamond that could generate an electrical current when placed in close proximity to radioactive material.

Experts now say their unique use of carbon-14 could potentially provide power on a “near-infinite basis” while helping to boost clean electricity generation.

The Bristol University work is being done as part of a project dubbed Advanced Self-Powered sensor units in Intense Radiation Environments, or ASPIRE.

Professor Tom Scott, who is leading the ongoing research, said the nuclear-based batteries could be extremely helpful as they operate in extreme environments, where traditional forms of power would be lacking. In the future they could even power satellites, he suggested.

“Over the past few years we have been developing ultra-low powered sensors that harvest energy from radioactive decay,” Scott said in a statement. “This project is at quite an advanced stage now and we have tested the batteries in sensors in places as extreme as the top of a volcano.”

The Berkeley station, the U.K.’s first commercial nuclear site of its kind to be decommissioned, was closed in 1989. Work to remove the dormant nuclear waste started this month, but it will not be safe for humans to set foot in the reactor cores until 2074, the BBC reported.

A second nuclear plant in the region, Oldbury station, which is located on the south bank of the River Severn, closed in 2012 and is also in the process of decommissioning.

The team’s initial research into “diamond batteries” used Nickel-63 as the source of radiation, however attention turned to carbon-14 as it was deemed to be more efficient.

The university researchers found carbon-14 was concentrated at the surface of graphite blocks that are used to sustain reactions in nuclear power plants. After being extracted, carbon-14 can be put into diamond, which offers protection to humans by containing the radiation.


  1. Someone still needs to sue them for radium watches. They knew that they caused cancer for around 50 years before they pulled them off the market. These dangerous watches are still around and causing cancer. To my knowledge no warnings have been given. I did a calculation for a Bulova with radium dial and if you wear it 24/7 it guaranteed cancer very quickly… I think it was 10 years of wearing it. How many are just hanging around still? It’s dangerous to even dispose of them. One way they have been able to hide the cancers caused by weapons testing and nuclear power stations is because people were getting cancer from radium before that. Prior to radium use there was little cancer.

    • When I was only 9yrs old my Dad bought me a Mickey Mouse Timex watch with the ‘glow in the dark’ hands. I LOVED that watch and never took it off until about 6 months later I got this red rash on my wrist that got worse by the day until it became 2nd degree burn with blistering skin! EVEN THEN I went to the library and learned ‘how they made those hands glow’. It told me that it was ‘radiation’ but that it was totally harmless and I was probably allergic to the scrap metal the watch was made out of (similar to your finger turning green from copper in a cheap ring). I said to myself BS and took that watch to Belle Isle, on the Detroit river when at a picnic – stomped it into a many pieces as I could and threw it in the river – it broke my heart to have done that but I knew – even then – that it was serious bad for me to continue to wear that watch. It took over a year for that ‘burn’ to finally heal after several Dr visits – and very painful the entire time! THAT was my first exposure to Radium and I’ll never forget it!! We also ate off of those green semi-opaque ‘radiation’ plates that my Mom loved so much and paid a fortune for.. for more years than I care to think about now!! I HATE THE NUKE INDUSTRY – ALWAYS HAVE, ALWAYS WILL!! Maybe that’s why I always had bad teeth as a kid and bleeding gums at 11yrs old!! By the time I was 49yrs old I was wearing dentures with not a tooth left in my mouth – they just broke and crumbled eventually and all had to be pulled!! 😳😵😠😡💀💩

      • I’m sorry. Too bad you have no record to sue over it. Someone needs to start suing over that as a first start to stopping it all. Your tooth woes could be strontium from weapons testing (or reactors), or radium (internal), or fluoride. All will make your teeth incredibly brittle. My guess is from the strontium and maybe fluoride, depending on your location in childhood. Obviously it could be radium but it would be internal, I believe.

        • PS: It could be the plates. I guess that is the uranium glass? I can’t recall if it can act as a calcium mimic. If the plates were radium then that would be it. All of these know too late exposures is exactly why I don’t think it is worth worrying about unless you are worrying for your kids or animals. Because our only hope now is a good immune system and being stressed weakens the immune system. And, this is the only life we get. I think someone gave me that same watch (used) and I instantly broke it (by accident). I pulled the little knob too hard. I refused to wear a watch for years after that. I’m not sure if the one I finally got had radium or not. I think it had copper instead. I am 99.9% we had no uranium glass. We mostly had early plastic and on Sundays white porcelain. I think Cola will make your teeth brittle, and perhaps tea. But, oh so many exposures that I have found too late. There’s the whole “We almost lost Detroit”, too. If you have read about the early Manhattan Project at Oakridge, they put some Beta emitters on the legs of the ladies there and they turned red with burns. That was their experiments on radiation safety.

        • My bet is on Strontium and fluoride – both of them the body “sees” as calcium, which we never get enough of anyway, and the body will “soak up all you give it of those two”.. and they’re both ‘bone seekers’ too so leukemia is a high risk – I believe that is why we see this HUGE spike in the past 2 decades of Leukemia and Lymphoma..I test my blood sugar every morning monitoring ‘elevated glucose’ for diabetes and when I lick my finger after the puncture to stop the seep my blood tastes strongly like metal – when I was a child it used to taste salty! Not anymore .. statute of limitations for “suits” is long gone and the companies no longer exist anymore anyway.

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