UNEXPLAINED Discovered In 1917, This 200 ‘Million-Year-Old Shoe Print’ Promises To Rewrite History

THIS COMES UNDER THE CATEGORY OF.. “Hell, make up your own dam mind”.. LOL  What I DO know – despite the ‘rants’ of the Quackademics is that there have been many here BEFORE US!

The enigmatic object was discovered in 1917 and dates back a staggering 200 million years. Microphotographic analysis showed very clearly that it bore a minute resemblance to a well-made piece of leather, stitched by hand, and at one time worn by a human foot. The photographs showed the stitches very plainly; at one place it was double-stitched, and the twist of the thread could be clearly seen.

Countless enigmatic discoveries have been made in the past which point to the possibility that modern humans have existed on Earth much sooner than scholars suggest.

Referred to by many authors as ‘ooparts—or out of place artifacts’, these enigmatic findings push the boundaries set forth by mainstream scholars, challenging everything we know about modern humans and life on Earth.

This engimatic—and somewhat controversial—discovery was made over one hundred years ago by an employee of the Nevada Mining Company, called Albert E. Knapp. To be precise in January of 1917.

In an article at creationism.org we find a letter written by Mr. Knapp—the discoverror—dating back to Januar 15, 1917:


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