New Younger Dryas Cosmic Impact Paper – reviewed in detail! UnchartedX Podcast #2

I’m gonna send this guy and email and begin to share his content as it relates to my site – he’s outspoken and opinionated and I share his feelings as to most of the content on the Net today – check him and his content out – I did and I like it so far.. 😳😊

Mar 28, 2019

I review the recently released peer-reviewed scientific paper that investigates the Younger Dryas cosmic impact effect in South America. This is UnchartedX Podcast #2 – set to imagery and video here on youtube, or you can find the mp3 on my website. *please note that I had to alter some of the music in the video after the fact. I had thought that the intro/exit song was CC by, I was mistaken.

Apologies for the abrupt audio transitions, but I didn’t want the claim to affect the video, as the music is purely background, I don’t think it has anything to do with the content of the video itself. Link to paper:…

My marked up copy of the paper is here:…

 Full transcript is also available on my website.

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