The Ancient Enigmas of Puma Punku and Tihuanaco – Chapter 1: Introduction

I have spent days at these two sites – explored the sites completely and had to pick up my jaw off the ground after each day.. UNBELIEVABLE!! RECOMMENDED HIGHLY!! GO TO PERU/BOLIVIA AND SEE THESE FOR YOURSELF – YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID!! 😳😊

Jun 23, 2019

Investigating the mysteries and history of the unique ancient megalithic sites of Puma Punku and Tihuanaco, Bolivia. I’ve visited the sites more than once, they are captivating, and full of astonishing precision megalithic stonework that isn’t easily explainable from within the current paradigm of history. Join me as I begin my investigation into these enigmatic sites.

This is chapter 1, a detailed introduction to the stonework, layout, history and controversy of Puma Punku and Tihuanaco, along with a couple of stories from my various visits there. Some ideas and questions for my audience in there, and a surprise at the end of the video! Lots more to come on this site.

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