Utility looks into Ikata plant power outage

How does a giant Utility Company “MISTAKENLY” remove a Fission Control Rod from a Control Rod Assembly? MISTAKENLY? They look NOTHING LIKE STANDARD FUEL RODS and they are separate from the Fuel Rod Assembly Unit!!! WTF? WTF! I don’t trust Japanese Nuclear Engineers.. they are totally incompetent and incapable of handling properly Nuclear Reactor Operations and Maintenance – this is why the World has been destroyed by Fukushima!! TURN OFF ALL THE REACTORS AND MOVE THEM INTO “COLD SHUTDOWN” MODE AND LEAVE THEM THERE!!

The Ikata nuclear power plant in western Japan has had a short electricity outage, causing suspension of maintenance work on one of its reactors. All three reactors at the plant are currently offline.

Officials at Shikoku Electric Power Company and Ehime Prefecture say the plant lost power at around 3:40 p.m. on Saturday.

Electricity came back after emergency generators were activated immediately.

But the officials say the No.1 reactor, which is undergoing decommissioning, and the No.2 reactor, which is to be scrapped, lost power for about three seconds. Electricity was cut for around 10 seconds to the No.3 reactor, which is under regular maintenance inspections.

Officials at the utility and the prefecture say there was no problem in cooling nuclear fuel and there was no leakage of nuclear substances.


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