What Is Filmmaker Mode on a TV, and Why Will You Want It?

Most people think that “Game Mode” is the ultimate mode to watch a great film – after all it has the least latency, the fastest presentation mode, the best graphics mode of all!! THIS IS NOT TRUE!! Watch this video to learn why.. it will surprise and startle you! FILMAKER MODE is not yet available – BUT it IS coming this year to a Big Screen AT HOME! Learn here what it is – what it ISN’T and why it is needed – indeed – REQUIRED to see a film the way the Film maker intended.. 


To experience a movie in the way it was intended, you really should see it in a theater. However, if you want to replicate that authenticity at home on your sofa (with your own competitively-priced popcorn), you’ll soon be able to with Filmmaker Mode.

With a single switch, you can watch a movie (or TV show) as it was intended, disable post-processing effects (like motion smoothing), correct your TV’s color profile, and set the film to its original aspect ratio.

Unlike other options (like HDMI-CEC), it’s not called different things on different TVs—the switch for Filmmaker Mode is clearly labeled as such on any TV that has that capability!

What Is Filmmaker Mode?

TV manufacturers were showing off Filmmaker Mode at CES 2020. It allows you to watch content the way directors, producers, and movie studios want it to be watched. It disables additional features on modern televisions that change how content is presented in order to preserve the cinematic aesthetic.

At the press of a button (and, in some instances, automatically), you disable all additional post-processing features. The original aspect ratio, color profile, and frame rate are preserved. Today, you often have to adjust the picture quality options scattered across various menus on your TV to accomplish what Filmmaker Mode does. Soon, though, this feature will be universal on all televisions, regardless of brand or model.

This new way of viewing content will make its way to upcoming 2020 TV releases from Vizio, Panasonic, LG, Samsung, and Philips this year, with more manufacturers likely jumping on board before the year is out.

Filmmaker Mode was prompted by the growing number of filmmakers who are displeased with the way TV manufacturers enable post-processing by default on their displays. In 2017, James Gunn was one of the first to publicly denounce this in a tweet (see below), in which he name-dropped a few other filmmakers who agreed with him.


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