MOX Nuclear Fuel Loaded in Russian Reactor, More to Come 01/28/2020 | Aaron Larson

‘LootinPutin’ will very soon begin to poison the entire Northern Hemisphere (I live in the Southern) with TONS more ‘pure bomb-refined plutonium’ and all of its daughters and actinides on a daily, and forever going forward, basis!! INCLUDING ALL THE ONES ALREADY INCLUDED WITH THE URANIUM MIX ALSO IN THE FUEL!! That equals approx. 900+ radionuclides not produced in ‘standard uranium’ reactors’ – some of those not yet even cataloged, researched, properly named and classified yet – you will soon be breathing, drinking and eating more of, going forward.. No one is putting a “hard check” on either DumbAss Doofus OR ‘LootinPutin’ so they will just continue to do what they want to us all and the only choice left to us is to “DIE YOUNG and TRY NOT TO GLOW IN THE DARK BEFORE WE ARE PLACED IN OUR ‘LEAD CASKETS”. OH.. and..  forget about your kids – they are on their own baby – there is no one to even help them??!!

Power plant engineers have loaded 18 mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel assemblies in Unit 4 at the Beloyarsk nuclear power plant in Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia.

Distinct from traditional nuclear fuel with enriched uranium, MOX fuel pellets are based on the mix of nuclear fuel cycle derivatives, such as plutonium oxide bred in commercial reactors and uranium oxide derived by defluorination of depleted uranium hexafluoride—the so-called secondary tailings of uranium enrichment facilities.

Plans for More MOX Fuel to Be Loaded

Beloyarsk Unit 4 (Figure 1) is a BN-800 design, the world’s most powerful fast neutron reactor. It was a POWER Top Plant in 2016. Rosenergoatom and TVEL (the power generation and nuclear fuel divisions of Rosatom State Corp., respectively) plan to load another batch of 180 MOX fuel assemblies later this year. The group has committed to replacing all remaining uranium-based fuel assemblies with MOX fuel by the end of 2021. If completed as planned, it will be the first time a Russian fast neutron reactor operates with a full load of MOX fuel.

1. The Beloyarsk nuclear power plant. Courtesy: TVEL Fuel Co. of Rosatom

“Rosatom strategy is aimed at the dual-component nuclear power system with both thermal neutron and fast neutron reactors, and closing nuclear fuel cycle, which would solve a number of highly important tasks. First, this would exponentially boost the feedstock for nuclear power plants. Second, this would enable to recycle spent nuclear fuel instead of storage. And third, we once again involve into nuclear fuel cycle and utilize the accumulated ground stocks of depleted uranium hexafluoride and plutonium,” Vitaly Khadeev, vice president for Development of Closed Nuclear Fuel Cycle Technologies and Industrial Facilities with TVEL JSC, said in a statement announcing the accomplishment.

MOX Nuclear Fuel Loaded in Russian Reactor, More to Come


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