PLASMA COSMOLOGY [Full Infomentary]

We live in an Electric Plasma Universe whether you like it or not! There was never:Β 

  • A Big Bang – (what banged, why did it bang and where did it bang?)

  • Dark Matter – after spending Trillions trying to find it – IT IS NOT THERE!

  • Dark Energy – the Universe is NOT expanding, or shrinking it is a solid-state electric plasma Universe

  • Black Holes – they are simply a ‘faulty’ trick of Mathematics and DO NOT EXIST!

  • Neutron Stars – in the lab when you force two neutrons together they spontaneously separate within 14 minutes – they cannot exist without a proton/neutron combination!

  • Gravity – there is no such thing as a Graviton particle in particle physics no matter the size and strength of the particle accelerator – while gravity does exist it is 10 billion, billion, billion, billion times WEAKER than Electricity and plays No Significant role in the Universe

And no matter what the Quackademics say – there will NEVER be any of these things – EVER!! 😳😜😊

Premiered Aug 1, 2019

Plasma Cosmology contains interviews with top professors and government scientists, examining the problems with the prevailing dark matter paradigm. Dr. Peratt describes what the government learned and classified during secret nuclear tests underground. ~30 minutes in, the tables turn completely ~43 minutes in, the bomb drops, both literally and figuratively


Professors Respond: Dr. Peratt’s Book:…


  1. Einstein ‘assumes’ space-time is a cloth made out of fabric and the earth, planets, stars and galaxies can “grab” it and wrap it around itself. If that was the case the Universe – by now – would be a giant ‘kitty ball of yarn’ all wrapped into one ball.. LOL 😊 Since that is not the case perhaps we should treat space and time as something different than a “fabric”.. I read that story when it first came out – I was gonna post it as a “debunk” but just never got time πŸ‘€πŸ˜Š

    A Nobel Prize for the Dark Side –

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