Trial Bombshell: Trump Insider Sides With Bolton On Ukraine, Implying Trump Is Lying | MSNBC

Could this “insider” be former Chief of Staff John Kelly? Or are there more than one ‘insiders’? Ari Melber does another great job of tying things together in an easy to understand way. And the Hits just keep on comin’ .. and comin’.. and comin’!! LOLROTF!!

Jan 28, 2020

Trump’s impeachment defense team wraps up their arguments, Sen. Mitch McConnell huddles with his caucus over witnesses. MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber reports on a pivotal day in the Trump Trial, the “complications”, the drama over John Bolton and why some GOP senators appear to be breaking from Trump. Aired on 1/28/2020.

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