Brexit Day Ends the UK’s Short Stint in Europe: Plus ça change, Plus c’est la même chose

MiningAwareness put this essay together that gives a pretty good synopsis of UKs entry and exit to the EU.. good stuff here.

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February 1, 2020

From VOA News:
Brexit Day Takes Britain Back to the Future 
By Jamie Dettmer
January 31, 2020 11:11 AM
Nearly 60 years ago, British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan launched Britain’s bid to join what was then called the European Community, now the European Union. He saw no alternative but to go in with the Europeans, fearing otherwise Britain would be diminished, its global influence weakened.

Macmillan worried U.S. trade and investment inevitably would be drawn increasingly toward Europe and away from Britain, and that his country would lose major economic benefits by not being a member of the emerging bloc.

It took more than a decade for Britain to join the EC and nearly a quarter of that time to exit the bloc.

The initial applications, encouraged by U.S. administrations, were blocked by France’s imperious Gen. Charles de Gaulle, who argued Britain wasn’t European enough. And he told Macmillan that Britain was too obsessed with America and its Commonwealth of former colonies. The French leader feared once inside the bloc, Britain would prove disruptive and paralyze an inevitable advance toward greater European political unity.

Dubbed by the frustrated British establishment the “impossible ally,” de Gaulle, who was as disparaging of the British as he was sniffy of the Americans, dashed the hopes of an exhausted Macmillan. The British prime minister saw EC membership as a crucial part of his so-called “grand design” to revive Britain’s flagging economic and political fortunes and to avoid being squeezed by larger powers as it searched for a post-imperial role for itself.

Brexit Day Ends the UK’s Short Stint in Europe: Plus ça change, Plus c’est la même chose

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