Chief Justice John Roberts reveals what he would’ve done with tie vote

Justice John Roberts is correct that he holds NO PRECEDENTED AUTHORITY TO ‘BREAK A TIE’ OF THE VOTING IN THE SENATE CHAMBERS! And he stated that he WOULD NOT do that – but he did say that in the case of a TIE the resolution MUST FAIL!


January 31, 2020

Chief Justice John Roberts says it would have been “inappropriate” for him to cast a tie-breaking vote in the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.


  1. I don’ believe he actually ‘broke a tie’ on the vote to acquit – here’s the story:

    “There is a precedent for the chief justice to do so.

    In the impeachment trial of President Andrew Johnson, then-Chief Justice Salmon Chase had to rule on motions and issues about live witnesses and more.

    Chase sometimes broke ties on a procedural vote. Sen. Charles Sumner of Massachusetts made a motion that one of Chase’s tiebreaking votes was “without authority under the Constitution of the United States,” but the motion failed.”

    • It may have had to do with an impeached Judge.. I couldn’t find where the Chief Justice broke a tie on a Presidential Impeachment hearing on a vote for acquittal .. 😒😕

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