Dr Paul Cottrell Joins Leah & Diamond For A Lively Discussion — CORONAVIRUS RESEARCH

And NOW.. something completely shocking and surprising in the category named after this site: Everything you don’t know that you don’t know!! 😳😯😮😩😫😵😠😡

Turns out they were experimenting with this same CoronaVirus back in 2010 and inserted sequences of HIV – and also explains why they have a medical solution that can “cure” this CoronaVirus!!

The NOW have YOUR lives in their pocket and can reach out and kill you whenever they like – or cure you if you repent your sins to them a ‘Lick Boots’ .. NOTE: This virus is double-digit percent biased toward MALE contraction with DEATH then with FEMALE!!

LISTEN TO THE DR., Diamond and Leah discussing all the known, documented, peer-reviewed papers and undeniable research ‘to date’ into this CoronaVirus..

Premiered 8 hours ago

Wuhan Coronavirus Looks Increasingly Like a Pandemic, Experts Say https://nyti.ms/396Sw6p

China moves to limit short selling as virus looms over market reopening https://reut.rs/2UkuNeT

Health Officials Confirm 2nd, 3rd, 4th Cases of Coronavirus in Bay Area and Neighboring County http://bit.ly/2SgfXDc

Chinese man who died Wednesday in Manila hospital negative for nCoV http://bit.ly/2UiGEd9

US travel restrictions go into effect to combat coronavirus spread https://cnn.it/39dT3Uf China completes emergency coronavirus hospital in just days http://bit.ly/2GMX8lM Coronavirus Lurking in Feces May Reveal Hidden Risk of Spread https://bloom.bg/39dT8r1

Coronavirus Dashboard http://bit.ly/2uJwsjq

Dr. Paul Cottrell http://bit.ly/2U16BxV

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