Fareed Zakaria: Nothing changes peoples’ views on Trump

Fareed has this way of putting what ‘seems like complicated issues’ into a simple perspective that everyone can understand — here he is on what he calls weekly “My Take”.. 

Oh.. and BTW.. what you are seeing with all these Billionaires entering the “candidate race” and spending HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS is the FIRST STEP to them “coming out” and just saying “I OWN YOU”! YES.. ME.. I OWN YOU and now I am gonna stop putting up all these tireless Puppets to express my politics – I AM NOW GOING TO JUST PUT IT IN YO’ FACE!! Don’t you believe it when they say they are just aiming to DEFEAT DumbAss Doofus — THEY ARE DUMBASS DOOFUS!! They have run out of patience with YOU.. having to PRETEND all these games through Proxies — they are now IN YO’ FACE with where they are going and what they want notwithstanding YOU BEING A PEST and GETTING IN THEIR WAY!!

YOU are no more than a PEST and an IRRITABLE NUISANCE to them!!


Feb 2, 2020

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria gives his take on why America is so divided heading into the 2020 elections.




  1. Star for your commentary and not for Fareed. We didn’t and don’t need Fareed. Why isn’t he building up India? It’s because he can’t get affirmative action there, because he’s an elite and doesn’t need it. That’s why they all came here after their independence. They have plenty of money to go to Harvard, etc. They didn’t want to share with their own poor and underprivileged and came here to claim privileges meant to help level the playing field after slavery and Jim Crow. Apart from Christians they have had Affirmative Action in India longer than in the USA. I learned that most of these CNN people have teams of 20 people working with them. Don’t you wish you had 20 helpers?

    • Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.. I would be happy with just ONE assistant.. LOL 😊 And your honest commentary is always welcome here too.. I don’t necessarily like Fareed myself it’s just that since Cristian Amanpour went South on us Fareed holds the last torch for feeding ‘the least common denominator’ useful, easy-to-digest information on the Global World front today.

      • Thanks. She is British Iranian… CNN won some award on Syria coverage and around 20 team members got the award. All they did was endless repeat. So, probably someone wrote his points.

        • To be fair on Fareeds’ knowledge in world politics I have seen him in hostile 1 hr+ long interviews of Foreign Policy and politics and he can name names, times, dates and places when things developed and happened – so IMO his expertise is to be well received. I’m sure he has a staff of many but I believe he meets with them almost daily and knows everything they know plus what he gains ‘in the field’. I have yet to see him sweat or stutter or misremember albeit he is of Indian descent.. 😳😊

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