Cuomo scolds Iowa Democratic Party: You had one job

I came from the Tech field – I began my young career designing and coding databases for years in multiple languages on multiple platforms. I began back in the early 80s when database technology was nothing more than a glorified spreadsheet with minimal scripting within and NO STRUCTURED QUERY LANGUAGE to query your results efficiently.

Fast forward to 2020 – when we can now ‘easily and quickly’ develop supercomputer 3-dimensional database unrestricted by data types, formats and contain built-in multidimensional ‘simultaneous query languages’ that can find a single datum within a database containing billions of data points in less than seconds!! WE HAVE KNOWN HOW TO DO THIS FOR DECADES NOW! WTF? WTF!

SO – how could the Iowa Caucus Database App fail so miserably and catastrophically after 3 years of work on the App? Supposedly the App had ‘backup capability’ and backup-to-the-backup capability too. Does anyone remember this thing called PAPER and PEN? I CALL BS.. 😳😠😡 NOW – your elections and votes are no longer safe. They will be manipulated, altered, changed and framed exactly how the ‘powers that be’ want them to be.. GAME OVER MAN – not even your vote means anything anymore!


Feb 4, 2020

CNN’s Chris Cuomo chastises the Iowa Democratic Party for the unexpected delay in results from the Iowa caucuses, highlighting the amount of resources 2020 Democratic presidential campaigns expended on their campaigns in the state.

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