SHOCK ! China new coronavirus Hospital has prison bars on room windows , Mutations found , News

IMO – this CoronaVirus is a BioWeapon test. It has been observer to mutate in miniscule times within a ‘single’ family as it passed from family-member-to-family-member. NORMAL NATURAL VIRUS CANNOT DO THIS! Numbers are being shaded lower by 1-2 exponents in the math, there is ENTIRELY TOO MUCH GLOBAL PANIC for this to NOT be a rogue BioWeapon that was unleashed into ‘the wild’ for testing purposes and pandemic research. 

Streamed live 11 hours ago
February 3, 2020

Too many links to list below for the presentation tonight. I am the first person to report on this. I was wondering why all the videos and pictures of the new hospitals they built in 10 days are always from drones way up high. Well now I know, the first inside close up footage shows all the rooms have prison bars on windows to keep the victims inside. That is not a hospital I would ever want to be in how about you?

China new Hospital has prison bars on room windows .

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