Truth & Lies: Jeffrey Epstein l PART 1 — Jan 10, 2020

This d-bag, lower than a snake in a wagon track, misogynistic psychopathic sociopath holds many secrets AS YET CHRONICLED IN PUBLIC OR INDEED KNOWN TODAY! Here are many of them in this 5-part series by ABC Investigative Department. Of course we all know DumbAss Doofus was one of his BEST and most FREQUENT customers.. RECOMMENDED!! 

NOTE: I just caught them in the act of ‘pulling’ the link that has the entire 5-part series link – so watch and download these while you still can!!!

Jan 10, 2020


Maria Farmer began working for him shortly after the two met in 1995. She said he assaulted her at his home in Ohio and that she reported him to authorities afterward.

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