Donald Trump Lawyer Threat On Tax Returns ‘Didn’t Really Say Anything’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

Sometimes it’s a good idea to just “pull off to a side rail and ‘check your load’ for safety, security and stability’ before getting back ‘on track’ and moving on. Well.. that is what I did HERE! CHECK THIS OUT – REMEMBER THIS? I bet not because there is “News Overload” today and you can’t see the forest for the trees.. LOLROTF! Sort of like ‘drinking from a fire hose’.. Check it out..
Get ’em Lawrence!! 😊

Apr 6, 2019

George Yin, the former chief of staff of the Joint Committee on Taxation, tells Lawrence that it is “absolutely” the responsibility of Congress to obtain a president’s tax returns to ensure that the letter of law is being followed by both the president and the institutions overseeing a president’s tax returns. Lawrence O’Donnell is also joined by Ways and Means member Jimmy Gomez.

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