New Data Show That Intercept Blood System Inactivates Virus in Same Viral Family as SARS

As I have said before IMO SARS was the 2nd attempt to Weaponize then release into GenPop an actual BioWeapon for trials and testing. Now in “Infection Control” magazine they have backed my long held premise of SARS and Corona Virus being one and the same ‘family’ of viruses that share many characteristics, genes and other Medical Entomological traits. This is the implication article that explains “they” were Investigating both SARS and CORONA all the way back to 2003!

June 24, 2003
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BRUSSELS, Belgium — Preliminary test results demonstrate that pathogen inactivation technology is effective against the human coronavirus

Subsidiaries of Baxter International Inc. and Cerus Corporation announce preliminary test results demonstrating that the INTERCEPT Blood System for platelets inactivates one of the human strains of coronavirus, a representative member of the viral family that includes the causative agent of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). The preliminary results demonstrate that this new blood safety technology is capable of inactivating coronavirus in blood products.

Currently, SARS has infected almost 8.000 people worldwide and has a mortality rate of 15 percent and up to 50 percent in elderly patients. This coronavirus has been detected in the blood of infected patients during the acute phase of the illness, and it is therefore suspected that the virus is transmissible through blood. The current strategies in place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus through blood transfusions include a worldwide donor deferral program instituted by the World Health Organization (WHO) and research surrounding test development to enable screening and detection.

The in-vitro study measured the inactivation level of the INTERCEPT Blood System against a lipid-enveloped, single-stranded RNA virus of the coronavirus family. The 229E strain of coronavirus, an isolate that causes respiratory illness in humans, was used in this study. Following the inactivation procedure, the solution was tested for residual viable virus. Results of this preliminary study show that the virus was inactivated below the limit of detection in the assay system used (i.e., no viable virus was detected after treatment). Cerus and Baxter are pursuing options for collaborative studies to demonstrate inactivation of the SARS agent…

NOTE: Here is the latest on the Virus itself on Wikipedia..


  1. Some common colds are caused by types of Corona viruses too, though most caused by rhinoviruses. So, sort of a cold on steroids? I recalled that you want to destroy or denature the lipid coat but not so easy to find anything on this, actually: “Chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, soaps, detergents or alcohol-based gels all disrupt the capsules of the viruses, and they’re no longer capable of being infectious,”

    “Most enveloped viruses cannot exist without their lipid coating so are destroyed when exposed to these detergents. Other viruses may not be destroyed but they are unable to reproduce rendering them non-infective.”

    • Thanks for your commentary I’m sure it will help readers understand what this ‘thing’ REALLY IS. Of course there are Coronal viruses in abundance but many of the gene sequences and proteins on THIS one have HIV and SARS spliced into them – it has been purposely Weaponized in a Military Bio-Warfare Lab in even many more ways than above.. IMO this is the ‘first salvo’ of WWIII and AGENDA 21!! It has been reported that China is burning dead bodies in Industrial Incinerators at the rate of 1200/day — so what it the real death toll in China? 10K, 100K Who the Hell knows – they are lying about EVERYTHING THAT COMES OUT OF THEIR MOUTHS, eNEWS or PRINT MEDIA!!

      Thanks as always for your input – it is appreciated and has considerable value to the overall Narrative.. 😊

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