TODAY will be dedicated to the New Bio-Weopon created in China and released into “the wild” into the Global GenPop


HIV was the first attempt at a “weaponized viral release” to the GenPop – they learned a lot about what was missing and what they needed to d to make it truly a Weapon..

SARS was the 2nd attempt at a “weaponized viral release” to the GenPop – they were very disappointed at results. It could NOT be retransmitted to the same person more than once so they couldn’t stop the body’s natural immunity response and it didn’t reach the 6ft ‘golden rule’ for a viras ‘in natural air’ to reach and contaminate another human being. There were other disappointments but those two were in the top 5-6 goals near top of the list as ‘High Priorities’ in the next version of a Weapon. They were satisfied they could “lethalize” it if desired but they instead put it back into cold storage and began anew with a different virus with more potential.

NOVEL-CORONA Virus was/IS considered the FIRST success to ‘tick all the necessary boxes’.  AND they already had ‘working, functional and successfully tested’ AntiViral solution – so for the first time they had FULL CONTROL AT WILL! This Weapon was developed in Wuhan Province where there is the largest BioWeapons Development Lab that “created” this weapon, on the continent. The NOVEL-CORONA virus is an extremely dangerous and lethal weapon – and so far  tests ‘in the wild’ are rendering very positive results. WORLD WAR III HAS BEGUN WITHOUT EVEN ONE SHOT BEING FIRED AND NO NEED FOR NUKES ANYMORE!!  BTW — the World Health Organization is ground-zero for managment and logistics of this global warfare!!

I never ask for Shares or Likes because this blog is a NOT-FOR-PROFIT blog and I really don’t care.. but I’m making an exception here — THIS EMERGENCY WARRANTS SHARING THIS INFORMATION VIRALLY — on the Net – no pun intended! You will NEVER find this information on MSM!

Oppenheimer Ranch Project Novel-Corona video:
The Nuclear Proctologist Novel-Corona video:

more to follow.. stay tuned or follow this blogsite for further Novel-Corona Virus news today – NOT found on MSM..

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