Entire Roger Stone Prosecution Team Quits Case In Protest | All In | MSNBC

When are these MSM Pundits gonna grow some “cahones” and STOP BITCHIN’ about what just happened at DOJ or WH –  and START ANALYSING what can be done about it!! Start talking about what it means to existing statutes, policies, precedent and law, and how to MOVE FORWARD as to what can be done, by WHO and WHAT it takes to get it done?? DAMMIT’ MAN!! 😠😡 It’s just not good enough to hear “guess what just happened at DOJ or WH last night or today” then detail it out WITHOUT OFFERING A PATH FORWARD  AND EXPLAINING TO VIEWERS WHAT IT MEANS AND HOW IT CAN BE REMEDIED – AND IF IT CAN’T BE REMEDIED THEN SAY SO!!

Chris Hayes: “What happened today was a real break-down in the rule of law at the Justice Department.” Aired on 2/11/2020.


  1. Not so.. the first sense to go in the brain is Memory – both short and long varieties I’m always leaving myself NOTES of things I need to get done – but I keep forgetting where I put the note .. LOL 😊

  2. That’s why they are up there and you aren’t – because they aren’t smart enough to figure it out. They don’t want people who can think up there. And, the US educational system doesn’t reward thinking. It rewards memorize and regurgitate. That’s one reason doctors are so bad. They memorized the stuff but can’t think to diagnose. I can think pretty well but have a poor memory. You must have both – good memory AND critical thinking skills.

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