“It’s Armageddon Time for the Democratic Party” — Intercepted — 8:00 a.m.

DumbAss Doofus does NOT go unnoticed by Alternative Media. Outlets like Intercepted are definitely ON HIS CASE!! Here Ralph Nader discussed the “mistakes” Pelosi made in the entire set of Articles of Impeachment. Even I knew the content of each article would NEVER be enough to scratch the teflon Don.. Nancy Pelosi blew the ONLY chance she had in Impeaching and Removing DumbAss Doofus BIG TIME!!

Intercepted with Jeremy Scahill – (audio podcast interview)
“It’s Armageddon Time for the Democratic Party”

As Trump basks in his “acquittal” in the Senate, the DNC is acting shady in managing the Democratic primaries.

Consumer advocate and former presidential candidate Ralph Nader talks about the state of the Democratic primary, the corporate DNC panic over Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and what would happen to the Democratic party if Sanders wins. Nader also discusses…


2nd half of this Podcast chronicles Bloomberg’s Racist Youtube video where he promotes ‘Stop and Frisk’ and describes how police should just slam those stopped who become uncooperative ‘against the wall’ and search them under duress.. UGLY! Now, the 8th richest man in the US is trying to “buy an election” bypassing the need to even address the ‘black vote’!  😳😠😡💩






  1. Let me break it down THE WAY IT REALLY IS today.. learning ENGLISH means chasing MONEY.. learning SPANISH means Global Community Communications and cooperational consensus!! THAT IS IT!!

  2. No the avoidance is definitely hostile.. there are hardly any indigenous people left in Montevideo but there are little villages/towns where mostly indigenous people live in Uruguay. You wouldn’t notice unless you were told as they speak excellent spanish in these times but they are scattered across Uruguay and Brasil too.. not in Montevideo. They can’t afford to live in the City but also wouldn’t want to even if they could.

  3. I’m sure it was done on purpose – probably to protect her son. Mnuchin still had a case open against him and he showed up at Mar-a-Lago on New Years 2018 apparently to beg Trump-Mnuchin for mercy and to cut a deal. That being said, I thought the idea could be to make it simply to understand. She probably promised to not follow up on anything in the Mueller report and since this was outside of the Mueller report she could go after it. I think they must have threatened Biden to throw his son in jail for years if he didn’t say stupid things to implode his candidacy. It’s impossible that he doesn’t know the crazy things he’s said lately. Some people might be brave enough to face down the mafia High Noon style but most feel it’s unfair to endanger their family. They need family members who are in agreement and who shoot straight like in High Noon. As someone who worked like h*ll to keep Bush out because I knew he would go to war in Iraq, my ire still goes up to even hear the name Nader. Gore’s campaign manager ran the campaign like he wanted to lose, however. Just wait what happens if Bernie becomes the candidate. I need to start brushing up on some of my minor languages or learning news ones from scratch for when I re-expat out. I was able to correctly respond in a sort of smart-alec way to someone in one of my minor languages so must know more than I think. 🙂

    • Depends where you want to exit to. Down here there is only Espanol – I believe it is the most difficult language in the world to Master because of all the dialects including indigenas – but Portuguese still RULES in Brasil. The thing about Spanish that all the “Quackademics” say “English is the most common language in the world” — WRONG!! It is spanish, 70% of the world speaks spanish – unless you are from, and/or living in, the US all your life, then that may not be true. But I would be willing to bet, especially being here now for more than 8yrs, spanish is more ubiquitous than English. I now think that it’s US propaganda. I meet people from all over the world – german, swiss, french, italian, polish even Ukraine and many other countries – most of them speak more Spanish than English at the conversational level.

      MOST PEOPLE of the World speak Spanish – NOT English!! Good news is I learned both Portuguese AND spanish-and even spanish speakers can have a lively casual conversation with anyone who only speaks Portuguese .. IMO Spanish is the most common 2nd language learned in the world – NOT ENGLISH. They all say I can’t be bothered spending all my spare time learning English when I could just speak in spanish – with basics of spanish that I have already learned . The only people down here interested in learning English is for Premium pay or if they work in the Services field, or they just want a personal challenge or a Professional career including Lawyers, Doctors Accountants, Engineers, Taxistas even Police. Just like in Brasil, I was tolerated only for a little while but the people said to me – YOU live in South America you Must learn Spanish ASAP.

      • In Europe there’s been a dramatic shift toward English over the last decades to a mind-blowing extent apart from the young Dutch who can’t understand minimum things of maximum importance in the Amsterdam airport – only the older Dutch can. I saw Spaniards use English as a lingua franca in Europe and in Switzerland the Cantons use it between themselves as a lingua franca instead of their national languages, which is really weird. The only thing as weird is that Italian Montrealers speak English instead of French. In the EU countries there has been a dramatic shift toward English and it has only increased over time (with the apparent exception of the Dutch). China has chosen English as a lingua franca and India too, which is probably why they say more speak English. I’m not worried about Spanish because it was my first foreign language; in the past my comprehension has been very high; I’ve lived in Latino communities and sat in the window eaves-dropping on them for fun; I’m pretty good at dialectical language – dialects or minor languages predominate in a lot of places. In Europe these include languages such as Venetian; Catalan; Luxembourgeois, and Rato-Romansh, etc. Latin languages are my forte, but it is doubtful that it will be a Spanish speaking country unless I can be away from the mafia in the boonies. Somewhere along the way my mind underwent a dramatic shift where I can understand a whole lot of things, but not necessarily speak much. There’s even a whole lot of Latin in Irish Gaelic and in German, because of the Catholic church. Around the same time my comprehension went up, my spelling ability in English, which used to be impeccable, disappeared. I was always good at dialects, however – especially the various dialects of French. Remember that the Latin languages are dialects of Latin. Some dialectical Spanish in Latin America is Italian influenced. IT’S REALLY FUNNY HOW OUR MINDS OUR WIRED DIFFERENTLY. I WAS CONVINCED FOR YEARS THAT PORTUGUESE WAS NOT A LATIN LANGUAGE AND IMPOSSIBLE TO UNDERSTAND. YOU HAD THE OPPOSITE EXPERIENCE. Then suddenly I could see the resemblance and then Haitian Creole finally really clicked because it is based on Portuguese Lingua Franca. That being said, there are degrees of Creole speaking.
        When you are around friendly people it is easy to learn a language – maybe Brazlians are friendlier than where you are now. I would bet that the Spanish in Uruguay has a lot of Italian in it and maybe some German. They probably killed too many indigenous to have much indigenous in their dialect.

        • There are still hundreds of thousands indigenous people and languages on the west coast of Latin – there are even small towns and villages who don’t even speak spanish and have no desire to learn. They know that if they abandon their native tongues their language – AND THEM – will disappear so they hang onto it for dear life. None of them have any interest in learning English but they have been learning spanish as their second language as they have no love at all for English-only speaking people – they will shun english speakers in a very, easy to see and unashamed, manner. The funniest thing I ever saw were two portuguese speakers not being able to understand each other almost at all – Portugal Portuguese and Brasilian Portuguese are different enough that they had a terrible time understanding each other easily – hilarious! 😊 I still am having a hard time getting rid of my portuguese – I’m still speaking Portunol.. LOL. And the Mexican spanish I arrived here with is no help either.. 😳😜 But I begin my studies with my spanish professor again next week. I’m starting on composing essays and story-telling when I do – I can hardly wait. Who would’ve thunk I would be a language hound,

          • I know there are many indigenous languages but probably not so much in Uruguay are there? I would want to focus on learning the indigenous languages. That’s like French Canadians and Parisians. You are the most likely candidate for languages because you are a musician. But, there are many ways of knowing and learning language. Music is the best way to learn, though.

          • There ARE many ways to learn a new language – I was never bi-lingual before I left the US – now I’m almost tri-lingual and I love it. My two best methods are recording native speakers conversation then pumping the recording into google translate; then there is the Music, my favorite though not the most expedient way to learn.. google translate is SO AWESOME because once you get your translation you can then ‘double-check’ it by speaking the english version back into Translate for consistency – best teacher on the planet! LOL 😊

          • It proves it’s never too late to learn. If you sing to them in their language, they may not care if you can talk. I learned a lot by listening to people complain about ailments, and their broken hearts. That’s probably the best because most people want a listener and some things transcend language. But some cultures are too closed for that. Some peoples maintain secretive languages/dialects that they don’t want outsiders to know and/or have no written form. I think it’s used to maintain banking-business secrets in Luxembourg and Switzerland.

          • BTW, they may be avoiding simply because they do not know the language. I have seen Europeans shopkeepers go hide in the back simply because they don’t know what to do.

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