Trump Attacks On Criminal Cases May Be Setting Stage For Pardons | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Remember – DumbAss Doofus can “do anything he wants” so he may be setting up for Total Pardon for Flynn, Manafort, Stone and others whether you like it or not. Watch what I tell you.. HE WILL ATTEMPT IT!

Rachel Maddow and an MSNBC panel discuss the implications of Donald Trump’s use of William Barr to interfere in criminal cases in which he has a personal interest. Aired on 02/11/20.




  1. DumbAss Doofus WILL NOT pardon. He will usurp States rights by demanding quid pro quo from Governors.. “Ok Mr. Governor you can have your Fed funding if you support me in my next election”! No reason to pardon anyone – he will DO IT HIMSELF IN FRONT OF GOD AND 3 OTHER WHITE MEN!! He does not give a flyin’ Fxck about the Law, Congress, you or me!!! HE WILL DO WHATEVER HE WANTS UNTIL SOMEONE GOES IN AND YANKS HIS OUT OF THE WH KICKIN’ AND SCREAMIN’!!

    GET OVER IT! .. as Mulvaney said.. NO PARDONS NECESSARY!

  2. Stay focused – IMO the US is going to start restricting passports and other countries will start denying visas to US Citizens because of the CoronaVirus BS. Don’t be surprised – it will happen. At last report this morning US has only 15 confirmed victims – now multiply that by 10 and THAT is your real number and the world is watching us because we travel the world BY FAR more than any other citizenry! So start planning now, update your passport, book an R/T ticket open-ended and be prepared to make a dash on short notice. 😳😵😆😜👀

  3. This is my Travel website for the past 7 years down here and this is not even half the pics – I gotta get back to maintaining that site more often doing uploads; My GDrive is filling up fast:

    “…We even have less qualified Hindus taking jobs administrating literacy training away from Americans. Now Americans can’t even run literacy programs… please. I think I need to give up caffeine and start drinking alcohol. You need to write a book about your experiences traveling around there in Lat. Am.”…

    Yeah.. I have always been one to run towards a challenge – not away. I learned that I was not the only one when I heard that song The Gambler by Don Schlitz with the line.. “Ya gotta know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em”. So I packed up my shit and ‘went on the most amazing adventure of my life’ – and it still continues to this day – what a ride it is too!! No more time for BS I have a life to live and it has already been shortened by circumstances beyond my control. Oh.. and BTW I drink the best single-malts I can get in the world today – not in excess – but wow, it sure does help while I’m workin’ 12hrs a day.. LOL 😳😊

    • I have left many times since that started. I had enough adventures decades ago. I got tired of new languages and lazy many years ago. I spent most of my life knowing the “other” and now want to know myself. I loved the Incas and their plumbing, but Scara Brae and its plumbing is older. Hindu upper caste takeover of the USA actually started in the 1950s, sped up again in 1968, and again in 1990 and 2000. We just were never warned. I could actually have gotten an Irish passport up until 1984, but never knew that I would need one, nor the benefits (EU citizen), nor that I was even eligible based on my great-great grandparents who were the last to immigrate (1840s). That passport with my language skills would have made all of the difference in my life. Hindu elites will arrive there soon, too, if they haven’t. Well, actually they have, already. They are the reason that Guyana is in such a mess. The British brought them in to replace the former slaves and their politics is in gridlock, as the slaves obviously didn’t have anyplace to go and it’s two communities in conflict. Some of the indentures were upper caste, too. You may not notice them because they are various shades of brown. Some will pass for black or anything else if it enhances their chances in life. I’ve realized that I may have met many Hindu elites without even knowing it. Some of their names sound Italian or Spanish and they are pretty genetically diverse. The other places I’ve lived outside of the USA were even more overrun. Their population will soon be greater than China. The elites are rich from oppressing the poor for tens of thousands of years in India. The only safety is countries willing to lock them out and that’s not Latin America – or not yet. What I really resent is these elites pretending to be a presecuted minority when they are the persecutors. They just stripped their Dalit-untouchables of affirmative action and they need to be stripped of affirmative action in this country. Plus they preach segregation and division and accuse everyone of racism if they don’t get their way – surely not all but they are there.

      I totally agree with enjoy our lives while we have them – whatever that means and whereever that is, but also do what we are here to do. The beauty of life is that not everyone likes the same places or the same things.

      I like that song. The first rule of martial arts is run from trouble, if you can. At some point running is tiresome and it’s time to stand your ground.

      You may still live old, since you come from good and tough genetic stock, and/or cancer treatment improvements.

      America’s big problem is that Americans no longer work together and help each other like they used to. Worse than not helping they undermine through jealousy. They will even rob their own parents. They only worship the money god. The Asian-Indians look after their own kin and get richer by working together.

    • I couldn’t get your web site to work. I want you to write novels like this, as you go along, while the joy and beauty is still there and before the beauty of your English prose gets lost as Spanglish:
      “A picaresque narrative is usually written in first person as an autobiographical account…. There is little or no plot. The story is told in a series of loosely connected adventures or episodes. There is little if any character development in the main character. Once a pícaro, always a pícaro. His or her circumstances may change but these rarely result in a change of heart. The pícaro’s story is told with a plainness of language or realism. Satire is sometimes a prominent element…”

      • Thanks for the heads up on my website – I just fixed it. My domain host messed up when I upgraded to their new firmware. I have some work to do to spruce it up and upload all the pics but it’s back online for now so I can finish my work there. NO pics at the moment yet.. manana!

  4. Of course he will pardon. All of the others did. The system is defective. Even the fact that the head of the House brings impeachment is defective because if the Prez and VP are impeached then the head of the House becomes Prez. Maybe if we had done like the UK and Australia and only allowed multi-generational Americans be in the government we wouldn’t have become so corrupt so fast. Letting people jump off the plane and so quickly run for Congress just sped up the mafia take-over. THIS IS ALL LITERAL MAFIA. We have at least one India H1B in Congress and several children of the early H visas. An African American preacher speaking to the Black Congressional Caucus said the impeachment was like Southern Justice. I think the preacher was too young to understand what he was even saying, though he literally put me to sleep in around 3 minutes. That may be true for within the Senate “courtroom”, but God help us if we become like Mississippi in the 1960s (and prior). Plus there is no higher level of government to intervene, unless the Messiah or Aliens come. The more I read and watch about Mississippi in the 60s and before, I become totally freaked out. But, one thing I notice if I put up things about Mississippi or even the untouchables-Dalits of India – no one cares. Mississippi nuclear reactor sitting in a poor county that’s 83% African American or whatever. No one still cares. Bleeding heart liberals still caught in the 1980s bleat about the poor Latin Americans but no one gives a rats ass about the poor and disenfranchised in the USA. You can’t take care of the world when you don’t care for your own people. And, the same people don’t invite the immigrants to live with them, but expect someone else to take care of them. One such old white blogger in Arizona is on the dole himself and bleats about his own poverty, while pretending that African Americans have it great. Big racist calling those who don’t want more immigration racists and calling anyone who criticizes hypocritical Bernie fascists. India has just stripped compulsory affirmative action for Dalit-untouchables and no one says anything. Meanwhile the upper castes trot around the USA tricking old Civil Rights activists with talk of Gandhi and King. We even have less qualified Hindus taking jobs administrating literacy training away from Americans. Now Americans can’t even run literacy programs… please. I think I need to give up caffeine and start drinking alcohol. You need to write a book about your experiences traveling around there in Lat. Am.

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